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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Making Soap

So, I've been making our laundry soap again for the past few weeks.  Instead of doing a liquid soap, I've gone to making it dry.  It's much more time efficient for me and I like using it this way, too.  I was worried, I must admit, that I might have clumping problems or something similar, because we don't have hot water to our washing machine, but no such problems have come about.  YEAY! 

As I've been using my MOSTLY homemade laundry detergent, I've wondered how much more enjoyable I might feel the accomplishment if I'd produced the soap for my laundry detergent.  I've wanted to make homemade bar soap for a while, but hever had all the equipment and got stuck there.  No equipment = no project realization.  Well, this is still a reality, but I've begun to invest in what I don't have, but need, to make bar soap at home.  My first investment purchase is lye.  I do hope, some day, to try my hand at making my own lye from hard wood ash... but I think that experiment is best saved for a day when more of my little ones are not quite so little!  :)  So, I've purchased some lye.  Along with the purchase, I've become an affiliate for the company that sells the lye I've purchased (which is food grade, so I could also make pretzels and bagels with it! Those should be some exciting experiments! ^_^).  So, if you have a desire to venture into the world of soap-making, not just melting and molding premade soaps, I hope you'll purchase the lye you'll need via my Affiliate banner!  :)

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