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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So, if you read my TT posts each week, you already know I've been working in my yard.  But I really haven't posted about it as much as I 'could' because I've been too busy and caught up in other things to post much more than the TT.  I'm thinking about changing that for a little while, at least.

I've got one SFG that is up and going.  It's got HUGE cucumber, pumpkin, zuchinni, radishes, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes growing now.  I'm hoping so much for good produce from these plants.  It is QUITE easy to grow big and green plants (at least for me), here in FL.  The challenge is getting anything to complete the growing cycle and nourish my family.  This is really only my third try... and the second wasn't much of a try.  But still.  It can get discouraging to have all that lovely green and nothing above the ground to eat.

For whatever reason, I'm also successful at growing root crops.  This past success gives me great hope for the garlic I've already got growing in half-barrels (given to me a few weeks ago).  I also started another bed.  I don't have the surround material I would prefer, so I've just got some boundary wood to outline the area.  So far I've got one big load of manure and a couple bags of leaves spread out in there.

Those leaves were a story.  Apparently I was wrong when I told my Sister and her Husband that the fire ants down here do NOT all bite at the same time.  They do.  I discovered this after I dropped a bag of leaves into the bed and found lots of specks on my shirt.  Upon closer investigation, I realized that the specks were ants.  All biting me in concert.  Thankfully it was really my shirt, not ME.  But still.  Alarming realization!

In addition to this work in my existing and to create a new food garden bed, I've also been working on weeding in my driveway and a front garden area.  The driveway is barely discernable as such because of all the weeds/grass growing on/in it.  :(  The progress is REALLY slow and because I've not been as diligent as I should, new weeds are coming up where I've previously cleared weeds out.  This is definitely going to challenge laundry for the title of "most difficult and never-ending task"!!!!  Seriously.  But... it's enjoyable work that I can do while the children run around and play... all except Jimmy who sits and/or crawls around eating rocks, leaves, dirt, and grass.  He is DEFINITELY a boy!  :)

The front garden area already has a gardenia bush, two full-size rose plants, one mini-rose plant, and two annoying little trees.  I'm going to dig those up shortly.  I just don't like them and they are prickly in an unavoidable sort of way... not good for kiddos around.  I've only got one little area started there.  My goal and dream for that area is to plant all kinda of edible flowers.  To this point, the only things I plan on planting will be edible and medicinal plants.  I'm VERY excited about this plan and hope it will come together over the next couple years.  The seed purchasing is the difficult part.  Time I have.  Money... not so much.  So, I'm leaving it to the Lord.  :)

I'm planning to update here with my progress in my garden more regularly.  It's going to be an adventure.  I hope you'll enjoy hearing about it.  And, someday... there will hopefully be some pictures to help you see my words more clearly!  :)

1 comment:

vicki/mom said...

Loved reading about your gardens and the gardenING. Go girl!
I hope your green plants start presenting you with produce, too.
LOokin' forward to pictures!
with love

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