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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Even Though I'm Not Worthy....

I know I am less than the dust of the earth because the dust will go when Father says.  I dicker and dither and don't right away.  I'm a fallible human, for sure!

Even though I know I'm not worthy, I know the Lord loves me and I'm so grateful!!!  I'm so grateful for the ways He shows me of His Love!  And how He desires to help me look up from the muck of life through which I'm trudging to see the beautiful sky, clouds, birds, rainbows, and all other wonderful things He has in store for my view when I stop focusing on the immediate mess.

As a result of the negative circular thinking of the month (or just less) after my LA trip, I was feelin blue.  Down and sad and all that jazz.

Father God was knocking with lovliness this last little while.  I know He was showing me of His Love that I might refuse to focus on the muck through which I walk and, rather, look to all else He has provided (and remember that the muck is fertilizer for the future!

Father showed me He loved me by inspiring my husband to drop in at the house to get a deposit envelope so he could mail his earnings AND take the time to apologize to me for something; on Friday (8-12).

Heavenly Father showed me He loved me when my friend (who I'd been trying to visit with for the preivious 4 days) was able to come visit and listen to me blubber about problems and talk "adult;" on Monday (8-15).

He showed me He loved me by inspiring my hubby called to thank me for my work as wife, Mama, homeschool administrator, housekeeper (and all other jobs I must fulfill) AND apologize for something.

Our Father showed me He loved me when two previous Sister missionaries and one Elder wanted to and then did come to visit me on Tuesday!

He showed me He loved me when He arranged things such that I got to go the temple in the morning and then spend a lot more time than I expected with a dear friend on Wednesday.

He showed me He loved me when He inspired another previous Sister Missionary to come by for a visit with her new husband!

These are some of the "bigger" things in my little life that I recognize as tender mercies of the Lord and ways that He is showing me that He is mindful of me.  He wants us all to feel of His Peace and Love.  "Men are that they might have joy."  It's true today as ever!

I know, of course, that The Atonement is THE greatest gift for which we all should be endlessly grateful!  These little things are simply special for my little life.  :)

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