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Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 3

Day three of the intense no-sugar fast, but actually day 8 total.

I think day three is always the hardest when trying to make changes.  Why is that?  I'm not sure.  Haven't checked into it.  But MAN!  My head has been aching and pounding like crazy the past few days.  Today it hasn't been as constant, but the moments of pain have been intense!

Why the pain?  Well, last Monday we started a 40 day augar fast; as a family.  The first 5 days, though, were kinda like what I'd been doing for myself already, except that I couldn't eat the hunny nut cherrios-type cereal we had and I couldn't make and eat anything with honey (like muffins, which I LOVE way too much!).  But we could all still have all the fruit we wanted.  Friday night was the end of that.  Saturday was all right, but did have the headache.

Sunday was quite okay.  Super tired and headache right behind my eyes.  AND my eyes hurt, but I think that's just from being so flippin' tired!

Today has been the rockin day.  The headache I've already mentioned.  The fatigue... one would think that after having a nap on Sunday and going to sleep at 10pm I would have had enough sleep.  But I suppose given the withdrawls from sugar that we're all going through at least a little bit... my body just wants to sleep and heal up.

Anyway... keep me in your prayers, if you think of it.  And Jess, Ria, Kat, Tea, and Jimmy, too (Jimmy by way of breastmilk, of course).  ^_^

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