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Monday, May 11, 2009

Steps or a Hurdle

I know Heavenly Father knows me best, so obviously steps are best for me. I say so with regard to illness amongst my daughters. Ria is better, Kat and Tea are sick. *sigh* I'm tired of my girls being ill, but feel hopeful that we'll be through this mess really soon. Jess seems to have caught it, too... which is REALLY unusual! I'm confident, though, that he'll sleep all night tonight and some tomorrow and be fit as a fiddle again. (Why do we say a fiddle, anyway??!!) I think it would be a high hurdle for me to deal with all three sick at the same exact time. I hope I will continue to be blessed with steps even though they extend the duration of our isolation.

I know Father has all power to heal and that we only become well through Hope, Faith, His Will to that end, and perhaps some properly applied remedies (including meds) & nutritional adjustments might make a difference. If anything I do makes a difference (either through placebo effect or actual), then I'd have to say I'm newly in love with Cold Pressed Castor Oil and vegetables. I also have a greater respect for the detrimental effects of sugar on the body. Cold pressed castor oil has really seemed to give some relief to my daughters breathing as they have worn compresses through this nasty bug they've had. I'm so grateful!

Additionally, I've been using it as a pack on my lower belly. I've had some pretty unreliable bowels in the last many years. Often it's been easier to be preggie, amazingly enough, because my bowels would be more regular and less full of pain. Though whatever the problem has been does not seem to be completely fixed as yet, my body is feeling better and there's a lot less pain. I wear the pack for about 2 hours at night with some heat on it for about 1.5 hours. An added plus is that stretch marks I've had in that part of my abdomen for as long as I can remember (before kids!) seem to be almost disappearing. What a pleasure! I'm on day 6, tonight and will repeat tomorrow and then take a short break and begin again. I'm not sure how long I will continue, but I have great hopes that this is information Father has put in my way to help me on the road to recovery!

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vicki said...

I am relieved that you are getting some relief.
When we talk next, please remind me that I wanna say something more regarding this. love, mom

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