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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I didn't realize, the last time I wrote, that I was out of my poetry month. WOW! I did it and didn't even know it. :) YEAY ME!

Now that Poetry Month is no longer, I'm back to my regular thoughts and sharing. You may prefer not to linger. If not, I'm sorry to lose ya! If you want poems, let me know and I'll try to write some with some regularity. ^_^

Us Lately
So, things are starting to seem all right, regarding my kiddos health. Hopefully.

I was on the computer the last few days, but I didn't feel up to processing my thoughts and feelings into a post. I was, admittedly, very stressed about the illnesses.

Thank you for praying for us, if you did. Ria still as some cough stuff going on, but it is clearing up. Hopefully we'll be able to go to Story Time and Dance on the day appointed for them! ^_^ I'm grateful for God's mercy and willingness to allow me to be the Mama to these wonderful girls (even when I feel they aren't so wonderful, I KNOW they are!).

I administer a number of natural remedies to help us through our illnesses. Have I ever mentioned that? I usually do not use all of them every time. Have your heard of Colloidal Silver? Ester C? Echinacea? Cold Pressed Castor Oil? Breastmilk? (Actually, on that last one... THE perfect natural pharmacopia if ever there was one!!!!!!!! Makes me glad I lactate for so long after each babe!!)

I have a hunger and yearning to "attend" an online school I found a while ago to learn herbs and their uses and become, first a Family Herbalist and then, perhaps more. I'd also like to study some other "alternative health and healing" type stuff, but money is the missing link in all of that hunger and yearning. I do hope that Father will see fit to provide for my studies at some point - as He has in all else - because I would like to do what this lady I recently learned about does. She's a Reflexologist and charges a really minimal fee for visits and wholesale for supplements because she says that Father gave her the gift and she believes she should only require as payment that which is necessary for her basic needs. That's my kind of lady! I actually hope to go see her before too long. I'm super interested in that study, but also interested to see what she'd say about me... and her cost is WAY less than any Doc!! :) Now, that doesn't mean that I believe I have a "gift" for healing or anything. But I think, sometimes, Father bestows desire as our gift. I definitely have THAT.

Anyway, I mention the natural remedies we use because these "things" are, in a big way, sort of crutches for my Faith. I always feel myself like the man (in the Bible) who brought his afflicted son to Jesus and said something like, Please work on my unbelief. *sigh* Perhaps everyone feels this way and I'm just sensitive about my own Spiritual development because I spent a good chunk of time off of the path I know is right. But there IS this one verse in the Book of Mormon that says something about the people using herbs that Heavenly Father had provided for the treatement of fevers. And that makes me feel even more like I want to know herbs and help people use them (as good stewards, of course).

Currently I'm learning more, through an awesome book, about Cold Pressed Castor Oil. We were introduce to this item via our Birth Class Instructor back in VA: Claudia Souther. She's A-MA-ZING! She was actually the lady who introduces Jess and me to some other non-mainstream parenting ideas... and then it was sort of a big ol' snowball that kept on-a-building after that. Anyway. It's an awesome book. I'm looking forward to sharing more as I learn and experiment.

I just realized it's CINCO DE MAYO! ^_^ hehehe


vicki said...

I will miss the poetry to an extent. If I simply to get read AnY of your writing I will be happy. love, mom

Barbara Frank said...

Hope everyone is feeling better very soon!

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