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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yes, she is! Tea is officially crawling. She took her first successful crawl (with legs moving forward as well as hands!) on Mother's Day!!! What a precious gift, right!! Her crawl is still not totally confident and she takes lots of breaks, but she's ON THE MOVE! Can you believe it? She's my earliest crawler!!! (She's 6 months old now.)

Did I mention that she started pulling up on things a couple weeks ago? I was amazed and totally pleased (in case I didn't share it). This is basically what Ria did, too. Though Ria was a couple months later in the pulling up and she crawled that same month (7 months old). Ria was walking at 9 months. I still have hopes that Tea will walk before her next month birthday (on the 25th) for selfish and selfless reasons. Selfish: She won't be as needy. Selfless: She'll be more independent and able to begin playing with her sisters rather than watching with longing as they scamper about! (I'll lose my constant companion!) It's little bits of losing them their whole life, I guess. But, to lose them is a joy because I gain wonderful companions in the end (if my Mom's opinion of her kiddos is my success as well!).

One of the greatest compliments I've ever been given was by my Dad. He told me, outside a teacher training meeting, that if I was trying to be a Mom like my Mom, I'd succeeded. I didn't accept the compliment at the time. I still don't, mostly. At the time, in my mind I said something like, "I can't be like my Mom. Ria's only __(however many months old she was)___ AND I only have ONE child, my Mom has SIX! I don't know ANYthing about being a Mom yet. But, maybe one day I'll deserve that compliment."

Well, Dad, I'm still working on deserving it. I feel that, on my good days, I might be getting closer! ^_^ Of course, those days aren't terribly often... BUT they are getting more frequent. YEAY!!!!!

Back to Tea... she's getting well. I'm so relieved because that means we'll be done with this crud soon. Oh... I DO hope so!!

Now, for Kat!


Our family said...

Ok, so you are probably ready for bed or at least don't want to stay up to much later because it's already late where you are... but honestly! Get on Skype sometime, would ya? =D

vicki said...

I think my girls are BeTTer moms thank I was-already. You are awesome in your respective families.
I've heard that BiG babies can't do such so early b/c they are so big. She smashed that thought!

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