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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Could It Be?

My Mom called last night and left a voice mail. In it she shared the idea that, perhaps, my issues of the gut could be celiac disease. Last night I looked it up as well as a few of the other big gut issues (read: Crohn's Disease, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD, etc.). Of all of them, it seemed most likely, based on the symptoms lists, that I might have IBS. Without the money for a diagnosis, I figured, "What the hay! I'll see if Mom's on to something anyway!"

Perhaps I should give a little back info now. I've been experiencing some MAJOR anxiety these last couple weeks. I was worried that I was entering PPD (it can start immediately after a baby's birth, all the way through 6 months post-partum). I was feeling SUPER depressed and having ALL kinds of death-thoughs. I mean, seriously depressing thoughts! I felt sure that the red spots that have been increasingly numurous, all over my body!, were cancer eating away at me, unbeknownst to me and that I would die and leave my family without a Mama. And that's just the easiest stuff to write out! I've been having a rough time, to say the least.

Now, it is possible, I suppose, that today could just be a blip. A sort of cosmic joke, "Oh, you think you have it all figured out, DO YA? Well, here's one on YOU!" That's entirely possible, though I pray that is NOT the case.

But today I haven't had any anxiety. I've felt my normal... no BETTER than MY normal!!! The only difference between yesterday and today is that I did NOT have honey nut cereal for breakfast. Instead, I made oatmeal with apples. I did NOT have a sandwhich for lunch. I had some potatoes (actually it was leftover warm potato salad Jess made on his last day off: YUM!). And then for dinner I had a rice stir fry instead of something else with wheat/gluten in it. I feel more awake, less belly-achey, and MUCH less depressed/anxiety ridden than I've felt in a LONG time!!!! And the coup de gras... the only poop I've pooped was solid!!! Okay, so you may think that's a bit much, but if you're someone like I've been, poop is a pretty big issue! It's a JOY to have a solid movement! And to be able to FART!!!! YIPPEEE!!! ^_^ No, SERIOUSLY! I haven't had to run to the toilet just to fart!!! Okay, so when I'm preggie I can usually pass the stinky gas without a bathroom visit, but it's been such a long time since I've done it without concern otherwise!

If this is it, it makes SO much sense why I was having SUCH physical problems after Kat was born. We were almost exclusively living off our food storage... grinding our wheat to make bread and everything else! And I had SUCH problems. Oh, I hope this is it!!!

Needless to say, I'm going to continue this experiment. And along with it comes a new list of blogs I'm gathering. If this really is a thing for me to deal with, I have to make quite a few changes. I'll need to add on more non-wheat items to our Food Storage, learn how to bake without wheat, and figure out if I am SUPER sensitive or just a bit (some people can't eat oats that have been processed around gluten)... so much to do. Of course, I'm just going to continue on with the experiment at first, but there's no harm in learning more... especially since I think Kat and Tea might have gluten sensitivities, too!

THANK YOU MOM!!! You are an awesome Mom with a true Mother's heart: endlessly concerned with her children's welfare. I hope to emulate your awesome example!


vicki said...

You give me too much credit.
In your research did you read that Depression is one of the symptoms of celiac disease?
I want your problems to cease. I almost hope this is the problem so you can get on the road to wellness and stay there!
with love
ps read your e-mail soon. I'm writing to you soon.

Barbara Frank said...

Tori, I hope you're onto something so that you'll start feeling better. I was diagnosed with IBS in 1989. Back then they did all the tests to rule out everything else (upper GI, lower GI, etc.), then said, "Oh, well, it must be IBS!"

Since then, I've learned what sits with me and what makes me sick. I can't drink anything carbonated. I can't eat anything raw unless I have a carb first. (So I eat my salad after the entree). When I have a flare-up, some ginger root settles the nausea.

I never restricted wheat. But in recent years, I started having more IBS problems and also body aches. When I cut out the wheat, I feel 100% better. Sounds like that's the case for you too. I'll be interested to see how this works for you. Hang in there!

Coco.nut Your Average Girl said...

Hi Tori!

Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog.
I hope you can find the answer to your tummy troubles. You may very well have an intolerance to gluten. I think you are doing the right thing by eliminating it to find out if it makes a difference.
I hope you are feeling good today and I must say your children are absolutely adorable!

Karen Joy said...

You may know this already, because you've been to my blog, but anxiety was one of my symptoms of celiac disease. It felt like I couldn't quite breathe deeply enough to lift the pressure from my chest.

If you want a real diagnosis, I do suggest, though, going to a doctor before starting a g.f. diet. They can do a quick blood draw to see if there is reason to believe you may have CD. At the time I started a g.f. diet, I was doctor-avoidant because I was so angry and mistrustful because of them wrongly diagnosing my son which led to months of needless serious illness. So, by the time I went to the doctor, I had been g.f. for so long that blood tests were worthless. They wanted me to go back on gluten (a "gluten challenge") to see for certain, but I wouldn't because I felt healthy for the first time maybe in my life... so I have a diagnosis of "presumed celiac disease" which isn't definitive. In a way, it doesn't matter to me; I've been g.f. for 6.5 years. But in a way, it would be nice to have a "real" dx.

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