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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Was In Denial

Mother's Day was a difficult day for me. There was the wonderful baby's first crawl and the awesome surprise that Jess was ready to be picked up at around 4:30pm (when I thought he wouldn't be home till MUCH later), followed by a family dinner. I LOVE family meals and try to make them happen as much as possible, to that was a GRAND gift to me. On top of that Jess made a card for me with the girls. (Read: he took them to the back room and I had, like, FIFTEEN whole minutes with NO ONE near me. I love my kids, but 5 days of no one else around since they've been sick, Daddy leaves for work before they get up, and we haven't been around others... well, I think you might feel similarly.) The card was wonderful because in it he wrote the things he doesn't say. Oh, how I NEED those Words of Affirmation! I felt it keenly (and still do) when my heart got all achy over his sweet compliments and acknowledgments!

I was in denial, though. Jess had to be at work at 5am. I could've asked for a ride to church, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go (or stay for all the meetings). So, I had to drive him. Thankfully I did or I wouldn't have been able to go to church for just the sacrament (which is what I did do). The expectation was that he would work ALL day (as he closes on Sundays). So, I was in denial about having to deal with a worse-than-normal-day on Mother's Day.

But if I had been in any way able to mentally deal with the whole concept of Mother's Day, I'd want to have written something like this: My Mom is My Sunrise! I hope you will read it. It's awesome and wonderfully written and, basically, says what I would like to say. I think Terresa put it much more wonderfully than I would have! But still.... Oh, and make sure you scroll down and see how she labels a picture of her children! Oh, and I love her mudflaps (a little further down)!! And if you scroll way down, you'll find a cute picture with a little note-quote about how she probably thinks of family. And then, a little further down, look for a quote by Anne Frank. She's my kind of gal! And I totally only just read her blog for the first time tonight because she commented on one of my posts. What a wonder this web!!!!

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vicki said...

So-o-o glad for the surprise and the 15 minutes! love, mom

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