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Friday, February 13, 2009

Chocolate and an Activity

Jess and I finished up the Truffles Thursday night for the party tonight. It went well. We finally had a REALLY great system down and it took very little time to whip out the last 31 of them. It was nice to work together with Ria and Kat asleep, too. I was holding Tea in one arm and putting chocolate balls into the chocolate coating while Jess ensured even coating and then spilled them out on the wax paper. He's a good man, my Jessie... even when I'm annoyed with him I DO know that.

Tonight was my Ward Valentine's Social. I think it went well. Of course, the main reason for that is that the Relief Society Presidency is TOTALLY on the ball and really wonderful. They had things up and BEAUTIFUL! Additionally, they made sure we had plenty of food for everyone. We actually had more than enough, which is far better than having NOT enough, I think! I even took the dinner I made for the night home... which is all right by me because it was a really great recipe (given to us so that we would have the same main meal for everyone).

I have a greater understanding of the whole: the greatest shall be the least and the least shall be the greatest. I've always known that, for instance, the Bishop had the most responsibilities in the Ward and, thus, was the greatest servant of the Ward family. What I didn't know (and definitely felt tonight) was the feeling of internally being compelled to serve... yearning to serve because of my feeling of responsibility for the event. And I think that many/most must feel that way.

When I counted the number of people present at our Social, I laid my eyes and a number on 60 people (kids and adults) and I know I missed at least 5 who came after I counted... and I probably missed others who were not in the room when I counted. I think that's a pretty good turn out. I'm so impressed and pleased with the work of the Relief Society Presidency as well as the dessert turnout for the Boy Scouts' Dessert Fundraiser, which was part of the Social. They did pretty well on that front, too, I think, which feels REALLY wonderful!

And today is my niece's birthday! I can hardly believe she's 5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to K!!! That means Ria will be 5 in just a few short weeks and I'm feeling a bit flustered about having a 5 year old. Does this mean I'll feel odd every time she reaches a number divisible by 5? I don't know. I guess only time will tell!


vicki said...

I don't know about the specific number-"5" must be it for you-but there is something pecular FOR mE when my eldest hits certain ages. "I have one this age?"
How nice to have such a turnout for a social. VAlentine's socials are traditional for your ward, so they anticipate it.

vicki said...

Did the truffles go like 'hotcakes'?

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