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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Giggles

Today my very best Valentine's gift was to hear my Tea laugh out loud for the first time, full on! She's been sort of giggling for a while with these funny little intakes of breath, but today it was actual and total laughter! About what? you might ask. I have not a clue. She was watching Ria eat and started laughing for some reason only known to her, more than once!

About a week ago I heard a baby laughing in Wal-Mart. I was walking around a few isles away from the sweet event. When I heard it I felt my mouth spreading into an uncontrollable and hugely goofy grin. As I passed a couple of people I'd been seeing for the duration of my quick trip, I commented, "Don't you hear the baby laughing? This was my effort to explain my goofiness whilst walking alone. Doesn't it make you feel all warm and happy, like you just have to smile!?" When their attention was drawn to it, I immediately saw my goofy smile spread across their faces. (Glad it wasn't just me!) I wondered, at that time, when my own baby would start to laugh and giggle like that.

To me, baby giggles are THE most wonderful, joyful, and precious sound I can imagine. And if a baby I don't know is like that to me, I'm sure you can imagine hearing it from one of my own darlings is all that and more! (It IS!) I almost cried today from the joy of it.

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vicki said...

Yep! Baby giggles are a joyful sound.
this mama, grama, (sis and daughter) derives the greatest pleasure from happy family sounds...when all are home and tranquility is buzzing. My 1st memory of it is when I was sick on Christmas Day, about 10 years old, the gifts for me weren't grand, but the toy train for the brothers was a delight. I'd put myself to bed for a nap and woke up to that tranquility abuz-RaRe in that household.
As mama I joyously experienced it many a Sunday afternoon after Church. We had napped-or not- and the children were playing together so-o-o nicely. JoY and delight! I think that is what heaven will sound like when we are together working on, whatever.....

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