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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Amazing Daughters

Tea is sitting up at every opportunity! Can you believe it? She's 3.5 months old and she started to sit up and sway a couple weeks ago. She's been sitting up steadily for the last week, but I wasn't sure if it was a fluke or not. Definitely not.

She's also grasping things with her thumb and forefinger still. AND holding things with one hand and then changing it to the other without putting it down. She's amazing. She knows it, too. :)

She shines bright in counting lately. Kat can count to 12 VERY well (she only misses #3). The other numbers between 12 and 19 sound pretty much the same. But she's really REALLY good at counting to 12!

She's said she wants to learn how to read, too, which is awesome because her attention span is rather short, so it'd be a good thing to start earlier with her because I believe the whole process may take longer. But it's totally worth it!


Our eldest is a wonderful example of the enjoyment and joy of reading that even young children can experience. She still reads to Kat regularly. She's even started reading to Tea. And Tea actually REALLY likes it! Ria just read Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine which her Mimi sent and declared, "I want to read every one of these books (because she found the list of the series titles at the front of the book)." And then she continued, "I want to read every book in the children's section at the library!" I said something about that being a good goal. Then she added, "I'm going to read every book in the library!" She actually could because our library is good, but not huge... so, any bets on how long it'll take her? hehehehe

Ria continues to do very well at her piano lessons and practice. She'll be moving into playing some simple songs with chords really soon. How exciting, right!? I'm excited because I'm learning right along with her. I would REALLY love to be able to play basic primary songs soon. Wouldn't that be lovely?

We're pretty well here. Still some congestion from the cough stuff the girls have had. If you think to pray for us concerning Tea, specifically, but our family's health, in general, that would be really wonderful! Thank you!

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