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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Super Sunday #7

Week seven completed as of Wednesday (the 29th) and i'm still walking for 1 hour 6 days each week.  Almost the same route each day, which is nice because i can see if my "speed" is about the same or not.  For the most part, it is about the same.  VERY slow!  ^_^

If you knew how many weeks gestation i have compelte of this pregnancy, though, you would just be cheering that i'm doing a daily walk at all.  At least, i sure am!  Definitely not in a "personal pride" sorta way because i know who i am and if it were not for the Lord's Leading and Supporting... well, this consistency would definitely simply not BE.

Just as an example of His Support... since i started walking i have, of course, set my alarm for a wake up time early enough so that i could walk before Jessie would have to go to work.  For most of those days (weeks), i have "popped" awake well before the alarm.  Just because earlier is cooler, i've wanted to be out by 5:30am for my walks, but didn't want the alarm going off early enough for that to happen.  So, i've set it for later and asked for help.  Help has been provided and i've been out walking by or before or RIGHT after 5:30am!  (Not every day, but still!!!  One day it was way before 5:30, another day it was right at 5:30 and yet another day it was 5:31!)  This, for anyone who knows me, is the equivalent of a TREMENDOUS character change.  Seriously folks.  You cannot conceive of what a big deal this is if you don't ACTUALLY know me in real life.  Such changes in me are only possible in and through our Lord, Jesus Christ and His changing power.  i know it.  Don't doubt it.  It IS what IS.  And i'm telling it like it IS!

One big thing i've noticed is that getting up and "getting going" are pretty painful at times, but once i'm up (whether for my walk in the morning or to go from one room to another in the house), it really isn't as difficult and painful as it has been by this stage in pregnancy with the other four.  This is, of course, WONDERFUL to me!  ^_^

Oh, i'm up to 25 DEEP squats each day and will move up to 30 within the next couple days.  Imagine the kind of squatting recommended for birth and that's what i'm doing.  A few are extended, the others are done in quick succession.  It's not a huge effort... or wouldn't be for someone fit as a fiddle.  For me... well, i take it slow.  ;)

In some of my walks, i've been considering what/how i will continue this wonderful and enjoyable activity once the baby is born.  i'm absolutely certain it will work out the best way possible... i'm just trying to have a plan that can be changed up as necessary.  i'll make sure to share along the way!

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