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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I've always known the truth of this meme.
I've shared it before.
Right now,
I share it again,
in celebration of its truth
and in gratitude
for the Dad my husband
has become.
It's never happened before...
the way you've stepped up.
We've done this a few times,
so i know.
It's happened this time.
Just in time for me to wish you a
Happy Father's Day
with some recent specifics.
Thank you for:
*staying home from work
to make three meals a day...
for two whole days you'd normally
have been at work
(a total of 4 days off in a row)
it's a FIRST!
*doing laundry
while you were home
and again since you've returned
to working at the restaurant.
It's a FIRST
(after a baby's birth)!!
(I do know you started
a couple loads after one baby,
but the doing the whole thing AND folding...
*encouraging me by saying,
"I know you can do it.
Sure it'll be hard,
but you can do it."
when i had to take all 5
to the Chiropractor because
EmJ desperately needed an adjustment.
I wanted to cry (and did).
But i cried less
than if i hadn't heard
what you said.
This is NOT a first.
I'm grateful.
*the funny card.
I did laugh.
*letting me know you
are happy about our baby's birth.
I'm glad to know you are happy she's here.
I've always known that our children need you, love you, and will (to a greater or lesser degree) strive to emulate you and who/how you are.  No matter what has happened, i've always wanted them to have you in their lives every day because i know you are good for them and they adore you.  I'm grateful our children have a wonderful Daddy.  Thank you for working hard to be the wonderful Daddy you are.  I very much appreciate the healing time you have blessed me with (more than ever before) this time around.  I've definitely needed it!  Something about being so old now, i think....
I do have a gift planned.  It's not ready, though.
Sorry about that.
It'll be ready when i can make it... hopefully sooner than later!!


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