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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Have you heard the term?  I had, but even though i've read about a couple, i didn't really GET it.  I started to "see" when Ali spoke about it at an awesome Mom's Support Group i attended a couple weeks ago.  Ali is a LLL leader and was at the Mom's Group to speak about LLL (La Leche League).  She mentioned and described the Blessingway concept.  It sounded SO nice.  I didn't think of it in terms of "for me," though simply because no one i know would do it and i'm not big on doing such things for myself.

Since i'd met Ali and Allison at Mom's Group (they work together for the LLL group that's pretty close) and liked them a lot, i decided to start going to the LLL Meetings before baby arrives as a way to form connections with like-minded women.  It was a lovely meeting.  I even met a women who loves Star Trek!  ^_^  (Come to find out, she is also a Cosmetologist!  Two unusual similarities.)

I ended up crying when trying to thank Allison for caring about and feeling the baby move.  My dear friend Crystal did as well and i was going to thank her on our way out (baby was very active toward the middle of the meeting).  It was just lovely and bittersweet to share baby's  activity with adults who care.  There is more to it, but i don't feel too good about sharing here.  Sorry.

Anyway... as a result of my tears, Ali hugged me a bunch and decided to throw me a Blessingway.  I was so grateful for the hugs as i haven't had many of those from someone around my stature and couldn't say no to the party because spending more time with such wonderful women sounded like a sweet sort of Balm.  So, a few days after the first meeting of some sweet ladies, they returned to Ali's house to Bless me, my baby, my pregnancy, and commit to praying for us.  What a GIFT, right!!?

It was absolutely wonderful!

An overview of the evening:
Time to chat (must have that when women gather!)
Introductions (how those present know me) and a positive thought about what Birth means to each
Coloring!  (make a picture or write words to be included in a banner on which laboring Mama can focus)
Necklace and Commitment Bracelets creation in a circle

It was absolutely wonderful.  Oh, and any gifts given are meant to be either handmade/homemade and/or gifts of service/time.  For instance, i was given coupons for a manicure and pedicure and a basket of fresh, washed organic (probably some home grown) veggies!  How wonderful is that!??

I have always appreciated every showing forth of love i have received from others... ever!  Perhaps especially around the time of a baby's birth because it can be such an upheaval.  But this Blessingway is just SO much more my "style".  So completely NOT material oriented.  It's heart/love/blessing/God/friendship oriented.  Doesn't that sound like me?  :)  Well... if it doesn't, it FEELS like me TO me!  ^_^

In case you don't know me well, i'll share that the necklace/bracelet creation part was probably what i least looked forward to, but turned out to be equally as wonderful as the rest!  And, yes, i actually think i will wear the necklace (to those who know me).  Probably not often, just because jewelry adornment is not something i think about.  Even when my children make the jewelry and i mean to wear it, i just don't THINK about it!

Sicne i didn't realize how full of wonderfulness the circle for creating the jewelry would be - even after a description - i'm going to describe it and just accept you will not understand until you have partaken in the activity yourself.

So, everyone sits in a circle.  Each person brings/chooses 2 beads.  1 bead is to give to the Mama for her necklace, the other is to keep for the commitment bracelet.  Each woman gives a bead to the preggie lady and explains why they chose it.  Mama strings it onto her end of the string, while the giver strings her own bead onto the opposite end and then wraps the string around her hand to hold her soon-to-be-bracelet in place.  Each woman does this so that eventually everyone is connected in a circle of "jewels".  It's sweet, poignant, symbolic, and just really wonderful!  And so SO so totally me more than any other "baby celebration" i've been part of to date.

I still feel all teary-eyed as i think about and write about it.  My Blessingway was just WONDERFUL and so perfect.  Funnily enough i think one of the things that made it perfect and was completely unplanned (and couldn't really be purposefully included) was how very long the necklace creation took.  Not that i really WANTED it to take a long time cause you don't plan something like that... just like i've never planned LONG labors... but it was sorta hectic and a little loud and totally and completely sweet!  It just felt... like home*!  ^_^  Perfect.

*Home: where one's heart feels peace and comfort... not necessarily as most use the term attached to one's domicile.

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