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Monday, January 9, 2012

Believed In

How can words describe the joy
that flexed its wings in my heart
when I realized your words were no ploy?

I think that they, sweet though words are,
fall short in effort to deploy
this hope you've renewed; to describe this new star.

To believe in self is good; and yet
it will carry you only so far.
The light from this star's birth will long be felt, I bet.

A few simple words and suggestions made.
Radiant beams; this star will not set.
It's the most wonderful compliment paid.

Don't you see,
the foundation laid?
A new way to be.

These wings will grow stronger and are sure to flap hard.
The new being burst forth into Light is still me.
Yet not, for the chrysalis has been marred.

A new me filled with this star begins to emerge.
The old doubtings begin to be charred.
Various wings and Ways begin to merge.

Questions, plans, and hopes rise up
as the joy within me continues to surge.
And I am that which runneth over: the cup.

Gratitude falls short to gather the sum.
Am I thankful?  Yup!
I hope I'm no bum.

So the tank begins to fill.
Though starved long, this is no crumb.
The adventure begins anew, if God Will.

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