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Monday, December 3, 2012

Meditation Monday #19

Today is day 181 of my meditation journey.  So, as of now... I've been meditating almost every day for just around six months.  Can you believe it?  What started as a 40 day effort is more than six months along now.  YEAY!

I guess, maybe, I'm getting better at doing things for longish periods of time as I get older.  Who woulda thunk it.

It's too bad that some who should really know me better continue to think that this effort of mine is doing no good at all.  I guess those who should know us best often know us least of all.  This is definitely an expreience I've had all too often of late!

Thankfully, I experience the changes wrought by this tool.  I would not be able to continue against the attacks against my effort if I didn't KNOW it was making a difference.  Praise God for changing me bit by bit, but enough that I can know it!  :)

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