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Friday, April 29, 2011

Blessings in Trials and Trials in Blessings: Focus on the Latter

As 1 example of a trial in a blessing is our last Christmas.  How could anyone consider LOADS of presents a trial?  Well, trust me, I can.  My heart was set on honoring the Holy One, not focusing on selfish items which often result in bickering.  We did still do our Devotions and Worship, but there was also the idol of stuff to draw the attention of my little ones away from what preceeded their "joy."  *sigh*  Yes, we talked about the actual reason for the presents even during the unwrapping and tried to remind them of the true focus... but they were all 6 and younger at the time.

Another example is the sun.  It is necessary and wonderful.  But if you live without AC, you learn rather quickly to find great enjoyment in overcast Spring and Summer days and pray for cold fronts - even though they are so highly unlikely during those two seasons in these our subtropical climes.

Our house.  Huge.  Need I say more?  Focus on the huge.

All of these things are INarguably blessings.  I am tremendously grateful and constantly thankful for them.  The first, because it has effected Jessie so tremendously.  His understanding of the Lord's love for him was impacted greatly by those Christmas gifts for his girls.  The second... well, I don't think I even need to explain that I think the sun is awesome and I'm thankful for it and know we could not live without it.  I'm not a twit.  ;)  The third, I enjoy our home.  I'm grateful and thankful for it.  It has changed Jessie's heart drastically about a subject VERY important to me.  It enables us to learn and grow in news ways.  It's awesome.  Even with all the awesomeness of these blessings, there are trials in all of them as well.

Now, the reason I've only done a cursory illustration/explanation of these blessings as trials is because I choose to focus on the good and positive.  My goal is to bring Light IN to the world.  If I truly want to fulfill my role as a Disciple of Christ and Light bearer, I cannot focus on that which dims my Light and shifts my Focus from Him.  The dominions of the Saints was forseen to be small (1 Nephi 14:12)... but the intesity of the Light shined forth was not described.  So, I'm just trying to enable my Light to shine like the Son/sun!  Thus, I focus on the blessings in my trials AND the blessings in my blessings!!  ^_^  That's what Jesus would do, me thinks.  :)

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