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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Family Calls

Perhaps it's different for you and yours, but around here it's a joy to hear from our folks, though we really only hear from mine regularly.  Jess and his Dad talk frequently, but I'm pretty sure Jess calls out... not absolute on that, but I'm pretty sure.  And I think he calls out as often as he does because of the conversation relationship he observes that I have with my family of origin.

My family and I are pretty close and we have relatively good relationships.  I think we enjoy one another quite a lot - most (if not all) of the time - especially thinking about when we're together.

Regardless of our intentions,  however, conversations don't  happen nearly as often as we'd like especially now that Jess and I live rather far away and the conversations are limited to the phone, email, facebook, or snail mail.  We (my family of origin or I) mean to call, but then don't (read: emergencies in the moment crowd out ability to conversate coherently).  And so it is sometimes really rare that I/we talk to my family.

When my brothers call, especially, my reactions are (and probably in this order) #1 worry (because maybe something bad happened that they feel I should know about), #2 get excited (cause they may be calling to plan a visit), or #3 try to remember what special thing may have happened about which they are calling to tell me.  Seriously.  Does this frustrate or trouble me?  No.  I feel like I can call just as easily as they can, so I cannot be upset with them for calling infrequently... unless I'm willing to be equally upset with me.  I'd rather not be upset or frustrated with anyone, so I choose to enjoy the phone conversations when they can AND do happen.

My sister calls more frequently.  And I actually DO call her more often, too.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Perhaps because I think she will not mind my noisy interruptive children as much as my brothers may (have in the past?).  She does, afterall, have more experience dealing with those same issues as I... so she's more compassionate about dealing with them second-hand.  And I certainly do NOT mind dealing with whatever she may have to deal with, too.

My Mom and I talk a lot more often.  That's REALLY mostly because she calls to keep tabs on us REALLY regularly.  Like, if she's NOT heard from us in too long (a week or two), she'll call every couple days to try to reach us... cause I do NOT answer the phone when I cannot deal with it.  The phone in a tool, NOT a ruler.


When we DO get to talk... we sure do enjoy our conversation time.  It always feels like it was just the other day that we talked.  I LOVE this gcharacteristic of my relationships with family and good friends!  My family and I talk and enjoy one another like no time has passed (after a 1-5 minute warm-up period, the length of time dependent upon the person with whom I'm speaking).

What is your conversation relationship like with your family?

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Jenny said...

I talk with my sisters way more often than my brothers. I think it's just natural - girls are more social. I live close to all my family that we do phone calls both to chat/catch up on life and to coordinate. When I am coordinating family events, I try to call my SIL instead of my brother to help her be part of the "sister" circle. This past semester I called one of my brothers a lot because he helped me with homework. I LOVE having lots of siblings and spending time with them whether it is in person or long-distance.

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