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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Soliloquy 35: Built on The Rock

Pretty recently (as of August 15, 2015, it was recent), in a communication with a cousin with whom I have only rarely seen or spoken, I was shocked to realize his position on something pretty important. It pertained to the Supreme Court ruling regarding homosexual unions (the SC ruled that homosexuals could be "married").
My cousin told me that he had thought homosexual unions shouldn't be called marriage up until the Supreme Court ruling. Here's the kicker. He told me that he had changed his mind because (and this is a near quotation of his exact words), "Those are some really smart people. And if they say that homosexuals should be able to get married, then I just need to change my mind about it."
Before that moment, I'd not encountered anyone who so directly stated their adherence to the philosophies of men... who was so completely built upon the sand, as it were.
This interaction helped me see even more clearly the necessity of being built upon The Rock. For HE is unwavering amid the storms of this world. He is unchanging and solid and true. His position will not change based upon the whiles and wishes of human beings. I am grateful for my foundation, Jesus Christ. I am confident that I will only ever have to change my mind to increase my alignment with His unchanging principles.
Indeed, I have changed my perspective on many things. I stopped wearing an earring (top of my left ear) because I was convicted by the Spirit that the Prophet's word was true and right. As I have grown closer to righteousness, I have changed my position on the gay rights' movement, abortion, earrings... and basically everything else of any import. THAT is how God works in people. Changing them one principle... one issue at a time, until they are fully aligned with and in Him.

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