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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finally Some Good News From/About the Gollihughs!

(make sure to read all the way to the bottom)

You Might be Pregnant If...

...you (could) go to bed at 8pm, fall asleep before 9pm, wake up every 3 hours to pee, wake up at 7am, then need a nap by 12:30pm with your 20 month old, sleep for an hour or more, and feel more than ready for bed by 8pm during your first trimester!

...you lose your vocabularly in direct relation to the number of weeks you fulfill toward gestating your newest little one.

...restrooms are rated (meaning you know where most of them are along any route you regularly travel) and you only stop at the worst ones for the greatest emergencies... and those happen far too often.  yuck.

...sleep is pretty much more attractive than anything else you might consider doing.

...feelings rise unprovoked and wash over you and explode out in completely unreasonable and disproportionate ways.

...compulsions arise anew and with a raging force that feels uncontrollable.

....you feel all fired up at times and just want to duke it out verbally.  When there is no one to exchange intelligent sparring, you just feel all tied up in knots.

...sleep is your best friend and you have either fallen asleep in unexpected places or are concerned that you may do so in the near future.

...you have to clip your nails much more frequently than normal (twice in one week? yep!).

...you feel like you must exponentially increase your Temple attendance and manage to go weekly.  Each time you go you feel relief, peace, and love that seems elusive through the rest of the week... even the couple weeks you're not able to go in to work, but hang out on the grounds with your children.  After a few weeks, you realize that you started to feel compelled to go to the Temple weekly the very first week you conceived and managed to get there once a week for 13 weeks.

...sleep... yes, may I?  It is probably the activity you most long for... all the time.

...you really think you've said one thing only to find that ALL those to whom you were speaking heard something (the same thing) that you didn't mean to say.  (Okay, so this happens to me while breastfeeding, too, but FAR more frequently during gestation!)  ^_^

...you feel compelled to clean REALLY often (and odd things that most normal folks (including your NOT-preggie self) wouldn't think often necessary of cleaning once second trimester hits.

...you find yourself sobbing over lovely music videos like THIS:

These are all relatively recent experiences.

To be perfectly plain: we are expecting sweet Golly-baby #5.  We are around half-way through this gestation.  Praise the Lord, cause it's been a rough one... in case you're wondering, since there are a few allusions to this potential truth: I am SIGNIFICANTLY more tired this time around then EVER before!  ;)  I might say exhausted and ridiculously fatigued are more accurate descriptions than "tired".

Public Notice:
If you don't have anything kind, loving and/or supportive to say about this pregnancy or the addition of #5 to our family, simply refrain from commenting here or to me in person.  And by this I mean that if you feel any desire to make any comments like: "You DO know how that happens, right?"  or, "I can tell you how to prevent this." or anything else you may consider funny... CLUE: so totally NOT actually FUNNY and I will not respond well if you choose to be a jerk by such jokes.

Truth: i heard these jokes as the eldest of 6 and did NOT appreciate them then.  I appreciate them FAR less now - especially because of the things I know about the family I hope to have.  I simply will not tolerate you making thinly veiled comments about my family whether in joke form or not.  Thank you for reading, synthesizing, and commenting in ways that are truly kind and supportive!!  ^_^  Since none of you folks who read here (or those I know in my real life) are dolts, I will leave you to consider and determine WHAT is actually kind and supportive given the above information!  :)

Oh, and, as is normal for us, we will not find out whether we're adding a boy or girl to our lil' Golly Gang until s/he is actually born.  So... you'll just have to wait along with us to find out in June!  ^_^


Teresa Gifford said...

How cool is that!?! Maybe wolfberry juice would give you more energy? Love ya!

Kathryn W said...

Congratulations, Tori!! I'm so happy for you and your family!

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