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Monday, January 14, 2013

Meditation Monday #24

Today is day 223 of my meditation journey. I'm still visitng my folks.  Daily meditation continues to be a greater challenge than in my own home, but I'm still going strong... daily meditation is most consistently at the 7 minute Kirtan Kriya, plus open and close... so a total of about 10 minutes.  But I'm still doing it!  Only by the Grace of God, though, I promise you.  It is not due to any inherent ability or strength on my part.  I've almost stopped any number of times now (especially since I've been here), but every time I do, Father reminds me, by the Holy Spirit, of the progress made in healing that I have experienced... tugging at my heart, urging me to continue.  I'm ever so grateful for His constant Love, Encouragement, and Support!!!

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