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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tricky Tuesday #6

It's tricky to gather storage for humans, much less livestock.  I still haven't gathered much, but periodically we gather acorns.  Apparently, my goats love acorns.  We're not feeding them very many currently... and they seem to adore them in the way humans adore candy... so it's not something I could store for a primary food source... but the little bit we have put aside is a tiny bit of comfort.  A bit like buying one extra can of something or another each time we go to the grocery store.  It adds up over time.

Pretty recently (and repeatedly) we have been in such a financial position as to make buying even 1 extra can impossible.  And we still are not able to save any money each week.  But I think I'm going to be able to start buy 1 or 2 extra cans each week.  The thing about this effort, small though it may be... and tricky as it is (even currently) to buy one can and NOT use it... is that I'm going to exercise my Faith that Father God will make it possible for us to have enough (and more) with only that which we can forecase we will need.  That way, the one or two cans I plan for storage will remain there for a while (at least beyond the week in which they were purchased).  Along this train (of thought), I'm going to get some quarters as cash from the next purchase and put them in one of our 72 hour kits.  1 or 2 dollars each week will eventually make a difference... and, no, I will not do quarters EVERY time... but it IS a good idea to have a good stash of them.  One day we might have to evacuate and have only those packs with quarters and dollar bills... anything higher and the machines that give change may not be able to help us (you know the ones at the rest stops).  And if it came down to it, I'd much rather honestly get the goods, than otherwise.  :)

It can be super tricky, but let's encourage each other to make baby steps in Faith to building our food storage, that we may fearlessly abide the day!

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