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Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcoming a Baby - Part 2

I apologized to her, just in case I wasn't actually in labor.  Still, she came prepared for the real thing.  That made me feel pretty good since, if I was actually in labor and progressing, it would be THE FIRST time I'd been able to go into labor spontaneously.  Each of my other laboring experiences had been induced by natural methods because of the length of time the babies were "overdue."

So, Karen checked me when she arrived at 6am.  I was dilated to a floppy 7 - meaning that I wasn't very far effaced, but my cervix was ready to go with and when pressure from the baby applied to it, it would be ripe and ready.  I think it was another two hours and labor progressed well.  Just because I was curious and wanted to know, Karen checked me.  I was right about at 8cm dilated and still floppy.

Soon after Karen arrived, my friend, Heather, arrived to help with my daughters.  That was probably around 6:30am or so.  My time references are probably off a bit.  Her arrival was none too soon cause I was getting anxious having them in my space during contractions.  My labor actually paused pretty well due to their presence and my feelings of inadequacy about mothering them while laboring.  But that wasn't a long pause, relatively speaking, because Heather arrived very quickly and my body picked right back up.  Thus the two hours to get to an 8, but "only" two hours.

My friend, Janet, arrived soon after to help with the girls.  That was probably around 7am?  I'd planned for three ladies to come and help with my three girls so that the girls would each have a companion during the actual birth.  "Man plans, God laughs," and yes, He did laugh at me a bit.  ;)

Janet took the girls on a trip to a home store (like Lowes, maybe) to buy a piece so that the hose would be able to go from the shower to the birth tub.  That was good and bad (having the girls gone).  But it worked out well in the end.

We all felt pretty sure that the birth was nigh at hand - given my good and (especially relatively) fast progression during this labor.  But it didn't.  Sometime around noon, I think, Janet took the girls out to a park.  They reappeared right when my labor seemed to pick up a bit.  Provident timing, it seemed to all of us (especially me because I'd been thinking about calling to ask her to come back, but didn't cause I was working to trust the Lord's timing of things).  Well, they were definitely back in plenty of time!  ;)  That was probably sometime between 2 and 3pm.

And my labor kept on going.

And going.



I kept trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.  What I needed to do differently.  What was holding everything up.  I called my Mom to apologize to her for something.  I kept trying to figure out if I was mad at Jess for something and needed to overcome that, but knew that I wasn't holding anything back in that regard after some introspection.  I reviewed my other relationships and found the same to be true.  So, REALLY... WHAT was going on!??  I now feel confident in my understanding regarding what the hold-ups really were.  They include 3 specific things.  Two of those problem causers were energetic blocks, which, I believe caused a phsyical reaction in the baby, which caused labor to completely stall.

Want more?  Stay tuned.  :)

For Part 3

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Valerie said...

This is like watching a favorite show. lol. I can't wait for the next episode! :)

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