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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Midwife Visit Wednesday

Yes, I'm still preggie.  :)  I'm only two days overdue.  This is nothing compared to my baby-having history!

I saw my midwife today and found out that I'm a solid 3cm dilated.  Progress.  It IS good to hear.  My cervix is super mushy.  Good.  Basically, she said I just need some good contractions and I'll get ripe and ready right quick.  heehee  ^_^

I lost a pound these last 6 days.  (Totally not trying to, of course.)

Strong baby heart tones in the 140s.  Always good to know and I get to hear this good news each time I see my midwife.  :)

My fundal height (measure of the size of the uterus from pubic bone to top of the same) is 38cm... which is down from 40 last week and down from 44 a few weeks ago.  How FUNNY!  It's all about the baby's position at this point.  Nothing to worry about, folks.

Baby is still floating quite high... just like Tea did, so no news on station.

I woke up tonight at 9pm after sleeping, maybe, 1/2 an  hour.  SUCH a good half-hour's sleep!!!  I woke up and felt totally barfy and aggitated.  Really hyper, actually.  Worked to calm my racing heart, and focus on not moving too much in hopes that the feeling of an impending vomit fest would go away.  It did.  Heart calmed.  But I couldn't fall back to sleep.  So, here I am.  Hoping the baby is getting ready to join us in the world of air and that my body is getting ready to evict the baby in the next few hours.  I really would like to give Ria the only gift she hasn't yet received, which she desires: her Daddy home for her whole birthday DAY.  The only way that's happening is if we have the baby between now and when he has to leave for work around 1pm tomorrow.  *sigh*  It's in the Lord's hands.  HE knows I would give my girl what she wants if it were entirely up to me.  Just waiting on the Lord and working on completely submitting my Will to His.  Such a difficult things at times like these!

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