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Saturday, June 5, 2010

When a Tree Falls

When a tree falls in a neighborhood... and lands on your roof, does anybody hear it? Well, in our case... NO! Seriously. Not a Ria, not a Kat, not a sleeping Tea, not a Miss Liz (the neighbor whose tree is was), nor a Mama (me) heard the fall thereof. Can you believe it? No? Me neither. It happened, though. SERIOUSLY.

As far as trees falling on houses goes, this one reveals to me some ways that "by small and simple means are great things brought to pass" AND that Father's ways are not my ways. One really great thing brought to pass is Jessie coming home on a Saturday night. Now... this is NOT a way I would have planned to have my hubbie come home, but, like I said, His ways are not my ways! ;)

Also, as far as trees falling on houses goes, the damage caused by this one is pretty minor. Well, at least, it seems so thus far. If the tree had falled only an inch in either direction from the one in which it did fall we could've had (depending on the direction, left or right of actual fall): a dead Tea OR a lost laundry room with most of our respective wardrobes contained therein. Seriously. See, the spot and aim of the tree's fall landed it DIRECT CENTER on a support post of our neighbor's fence. So, though the fence is broken a bit and there IS a hole in the roof (Jess found and has cleaned up the attic area mess resulting from it)... there is surprisingly little damage that we can discern thus far.

So, the only other problem that remains is getting the van out from under the car port for church tomorrow - or any other purpose, for that matter. THAT, by the way, is a huge blessing. Yes, the problem is a blessing. You see, if I'd parked as I was planing to park, we would be down a van altogether! Seriously. I don't even know why I pulled all the way to where I did park. Okay, as I wrote I DO know why... the Lord was guiding my totally tired brain to do what I was not going to do because He wanted to make sure to protect us as much as possible from that which was to come. We are SO blessed. I think my extreme fatigue today is yet another "small means" by which Father has brought THIS great thing to come to pass.

Not having the use of my van tomorrow is especially troubling because I was planning to go to Bunnell Ward (my old ward) to witness my friends' baby's blessing... but it seems unlikely that I will be able to get the van out tomorrow at all, much less in time to get to Bunnell for 9am. You see, we cannot touch the tree. It's precarious position deserves GREAT respect, in our minds. I'm getting ready to call a couple people from my new ward to request a ride to church... how totally frustrating to have to do so on our first Sunday! ahwell.... Better to go to churh than NOT - especially when you're planning a long Fast! ;)

So, as I'm writing Jessie is "van wrangling" and I may have my own transportation, afterall. We shall see! He IS a rock star... so I should not be surprised at all. ^_^

1 comment:

vicki said...

Oh, Wow!
I appreciate your perspectives. sure keeps this calmer for me!
I will express gratitude for the blessings...many.
love, mom

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