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Friday, June 11, 2010

It Goes RIGHT Along

My Mom is just awesomeness incarnate. She suggested a quote that goes right along with my previous post. So, I'm going to share it in it's very own post. I hope you can see how totally it ties in. If not, perhaps you can reread the previous and then see it. If not, sorry!

"Inner strength is a muscle you build by not giving in to your urges." -Dr. Laura

I completely agree. My inner strength seems to be on the decline right now and it feels CRUDDY. BUT... I keep telling myself... every time I feel failure, it's proof of EFFORT! If I wasn't trying, there would be NOTHING to feel I was failing at/in!! ^_^ Lookin for the thing to be glad about and trying to find the silver lining!

What do YOU think about that quote by Dr. Laura?

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