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Friday, June 4, 2010


I wish people in our REAL world had as many opportunities shoved in front of their face as blatantly as Facebook does before they commit suicide. It actually felt sort of... final... when I commited Facebook Suicide today.

In process of offing myself in the faceWorld, Facebook showed me pictures of some of my friends with their names and: "_____ will miss you..." around them. Seeing a picture of me and my sis Evelyn hugging for the camera, my Mom and Dad surrounded by our family during that same time, actually put honest to goodness tears in my eyes and caused me to question my decision to End It All. I proceeded anyway. I had to do it, so I did.

Next, I had to type in my password, to make sure it was actual Suicide, I suppose... rather than a random act of electronic violence... murder of the pulse kind.

Verification words required. THAT could have only been more perfect if those "random words" had been something like, "Turn back now."

Finally, I think I'm done, cause I did each step required to commit Facebook Suicide and I feel this amazing sense of finality and a tiny bit of sadness. And funny thoughts start running through my head. Thoughts like, "How long would it take to find all my 'friends' again." And, "I wonder if anyone will miss me, or even know I'm gone!"

And then I see this message:

"You can always come back. Just use the same email and password and you'll still have the same friends, be able to use the same programs, and resume life as usual." Okay, so the last phrase wasn't actually there, but may as well have been.

So, Facebook death isn't really all that final. I rather wish there was some way for that to be true for suicide in real life, too.


vicki said...

So, did you commit fb death/suicide or decide to come back?
I'm gonna miss you there if you made the 1st choice.
Miss you here, too.
love, mom

Tori said...

No, it's for real. At least for a while. ;) Only in FB could such be true, right!? ^_^

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