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Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Are Officially Homeowners!

Okay, so this is a weird picture...
and from the BACK...
but it's the best I have right now.
Pretty neat, right??
It has SUCH an interesting floor plan.
It's just a REALLY unique house.
But, of course, it would have to be...
to house THIS family! ;)


vicki said...

Yes, that is a very interesting picture! Is there a screen 'roof'?
look forward to more pics!

Stephanie said...

It does look like a very interesting floor plan, but that's so much more fun than those cookie cutter houses. I am so happy for you! And I love that you recognize the hand behind it all.

Tori said...

YES! One of the reasons I love it is because it IS so different! ^_^ It's just amazing and there's NO other way under heaven we could have received SUCH A house, but by the hand of God himself! ^_^

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