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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Have Daughters

I have daughters, three.
They are glorious as can be.
My heart feels so full as to break;
with love, it does ache!
It started so fiercely
And I felt it to pierce me.

With each new day, I learn another way
to love: soft as a dove,
hard a nail, full as a pail,
a hald-empty glass, hoping I'll pass
this difficult test: home a nest.
I'm not a good nester, for my children do feel to pester.

I read as much as I can
to become better than I am.
But the task is so gigantic,
I begin to panic.
And I feel bogged down by the role
of Mother; to any soul.

My daily failures draw my mind.
And to myself, I am unkind.
But then there's a shrug,
and an unexpected hug,
from a little one - UNoffended.
And my heart is mended.

Her eyes look o mine
and it all must be fine.
For in the depths of her blue
I see all that is true.
She, they, are what matters.
Not any ol' tatters.
The clothes that one wears
whole or full of tears,
don't matter to THOSE eyes.
Like others above, in the skies.

The truth revealed
in those eys unsealed:
To love Motherhood is a choice.
Not only to be made once or twoice,
but every single day
and in more than one single way.

Together we step, into the future we go,
little hands holding fast, and I know
I love them and they love me,
No matter how undeserving we may be.
And so long as we are together
my heart will end, light as a feather.

Father created Motherhood as a trial.
We must walk much further than one mile.
But in every cloud, there goes a saying,
some silver may be found, but not for paying.
And, really, the silver can overwhelm the mind
of one who sees, as opposed to one who's blind.

So, let us all go
into the future and know
that our hearts will be light
when we see that which is bright
in our children's eyes
and in the sight of those in the skies.

because it's Mother's Day soon

1 comment:

vicki said...

That is so very nice. Oh to express thougthts and feelings in such a way! It is beautiful. love, mom

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