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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother, MINE

I know how my Mother came to be.
She fell from real high, higher than a tree.

The height from which she fell
is not one I can easily tell.

You see, she is flawed.
But it is not this, I do laud.

It's the way she has risen
even within her clay prison.

Initially her fall
was from a height, oh so tall.

Heaven was her first home.
But she was always free to roam.

Her work was to be someone's angel, right from scripture.
Her turn to become the clay came and she replied, "Sure!"

And so she fell.
And I must continue to tell.

She fell to the earth.
In an age of dirth.

Though she didn't live through famine,
around her in life she faced sin.

The darkness fought to block the light.
From her mortal line of sight.

But she was not fooled.
For in her before work, she had been schooled.

And she recognized and sought the light
not one to refuse the right or fight!

Somehow, so much, she overcame.
And did not repeat all the same.

She raised up her hands
and upon them, there her progeny stands.

She still does not weaken, but grows stronger,
Even though she has more as her days grow longer.

And so; this angel, fallen, is raised!
And I feel her name to be praised!

Thank you, my angel, Mother, dear.
For being an example of dashing the fear.

Of showing the way to the Lord!
Of pushing on when you were bored.

Showing me how
to be the right kind of cow.

Nourishing from body and self,
preparing it all right off the shelf.

Homemade bread.
is what she fed.

Ground the wheat herself.
Again, not off the shelf!

No paper diapers, had she!
No ready made meals, how could it be?

She worked and she slaved
and some souls she's saved!

And throughout the ages,
even eternity, her work will marvel the sages!

Her name will be praised: her glory be sung.
Round her neck a first prize will be hung!

For a fallen angel rises.
Day by day evil despises.

Her example endures.
Her life ensures.

I'm so glad she's MINE.
Mother, so fine!

I love you, Mom... and just do you know, this one wasn't as quick as the one for Grampa that day. ;) I LOVE YOU!!!! And you ARE, truly, SO FINE!!! I know you. I see you. I love you!


vicki said...

Thank you for such good and kind words. I feel too much credit given, but won't argue, and will accept with love, mom

Pat Galea said...

Such wonderful talent. I'm glad you use it. Hope your day was woth smiling about. Hugs--

Pat Galea said...

I didn't know you were so talented. Very nicely done. Hope your day was a smiling day, you looked great at church. Hugs--

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