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Monday, September 28, 2009

Only a Little Funny

The other day I accidentally walked in on Ria using the toilet. She's taken, recently, to closing the door when she goes, which is confusing only because we close the door because of Tea now... so I don't know if she's in there just because the door is closed.

What did I see upon the accidental invasion? Ria reading on the potty. *_* I don't have much opportunity to do it, but I do try sometimes anyway. Her Daddy does it. And now she's doing it, too. Oh, and it was a HUGE book... maybe that's why it was so funny to me this time. She's been reading magazines on the pot for a few months (even asking me to get her something she hasn't read before!). I wonder if Kat will catch the "bug," too.

Funny to you? It is to me.


vicki said...

oops, I put a comment for this on the last blog. It is early. love, mom

Carolyn said...

Hey, found you on mormon mommy. I am curious to read more. I have tried GFCF in the past for my son and am thinking of going back.

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