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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Walker

No... I'm totally not old enough to need one of them YET. :) And if you know us, you know our babies don't go IN them... So, that's leaves: Tea to take her first steps.

AND she DID!!! It was exciting for all of us. She did it rather matter-of-factly... even sitting down and standing right back up. Of course, it was a total of about 4 steps (the walking part), but STILL! The whole squatting, standing, sitting, standing thing (she did that more than the number of steps!) seems to indicate to me that she's completely ready (I've been saying as much), but wanted to take her own sweet time. :)

Oh, guess WHO she walked to... Any guesses? I hope you'll share who you think she walked for in my comments. The person to whom she walked was cheering her on... Okay, ready for some release from this tremendously tingly temptation? ... Well, I'll let you know tomorrow! Hopefully. It's a busy day, after-all. ;)

^_^ heeheehee


vicki said...

I think Tea walked to one of her cherished sisters. Tea observed Big sis KAt and her adulation of Ria, so I think our baby is emulating that. Right?
An aside...I do I know she loves her parents. There is something, though, about siblings who are taught to help and love one another....

vicki said...

Ok, so where's the answer? this is over 24 hours later. I anxiously await.

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