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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Don't Feel So Alone Anymore

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vicki said...

I really appreciate the work of the man in the video.
Your heading was a relief for me, then I saw the video....a show I had actually seen. How is it you don't feel alone anymore?
There is comfort in being with those you feel are similarily affected. Is that your answer, in part?
That answer is one reason I am so eager to join teabaggers on Sat.in D.C. I have a sign I will alter. At the 1st tea party I attended it read "LiBerty not Debt" (I have a picture of the Liberty BEll that I drew-well drawn, i might add!) I am going to cover the word "debt" and put the word, "totalitariaism." No, we aren't there...yet. I fear we are headed in that direction with the way things are going.
OUr visit to the Mall in D.C. will be followed by a visit to the temple.

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