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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Short and Long of It

Nothing and everything has been happening lately... keeping me from post here. That's the short of it. :)

The long of it? Well, we've realized it's time to move. Can you believe it? I mean, it's almost 3 YEARS we've lived in this house by the shore and we seriously thought we would buy a house after 3 MONTHS when we first moved here! Well, His ways are not our ways, for sure. ^_^

Part of the hold-up, me thinks, is that we had to plod through our pride... or perhaps, treading ON it would be more correct. If you didn't know already, Jess and I live in a mobile home in a trailer park before we moved here. It wasn't the best experience ever (primarily because of the trailer park part of it!). When we moved here we were determined to get into (and not just our lovely rental home) a foundation home. Well, we were so determined we were not considering anything else. I do believe that the delay in finally deciding firmly that it's time to buy our own place is not just about our pride... I think the market needed to come down to where it is; otherwise, even had we been sufficiently humble 3 years ago, we wouldn't have been able to afford what we're looking at buying now.

There are some SWEET deals abounding around here! Let me tell you about one I just found: 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage, fenced yard, corner lot, 13x26 family room... and only $99,500. I know, RIGHT! Oh, and in this area, you can offer 20% less and often get an even SWEETER deal! Homes and deals like that are pretty readily and regularly available.

And we're totally not interested. Can you hazard a guess as to why the disinterest? Well, it's likely you already know since I have only a very few regular readers. ^_^ We're planning to buy a mobile home! Funny, right? Not just any mobile home, though. It will need to be a double wide. (heehee... we're on our way to becoming real "hicks"!) Oh... and the most pertinent detail... ON LAND! Okay, so almost all homes are technically on land... but the characteristic we are most interested in is the amount of land. We want more than 2 acres and a double wide trailer for under $100,000. Yes, we truly are going full on redneck! We've found a few places that fit the bill... or, er, my description. ^_^ Lately Ria will start many sentences with something like, "When we move to our farm...." heeheehee I'm just tickled!

We are going for a sort of family farm, actually. Immediately we'll have just our square foot gardens (Jessie is sure they will transport without a problem... hmmm). The first other acquisition we're hoping to go for is chickens. Isn't that a hoot! I mean, me... chickens? If someone told me when I decided to marry Jessie that we'd end up doing what we are currently planning I would've laughed them to the Moon! Seriously. But I'm actually really excited about this huge change and tremendous transition. :) After chickens... well, I'm interested in any number of animals for various purposes like: fiber, milk, and meat (in no particular order), specifically: goats, rabbits, sheep. and maybe some more types of fowls (like ducks and turkeys). I've started the research and chickens and rabbits will be the easiest to do with less land... we'll all just have to see what happens!

So, I have been BUSY. I've worked on finding homes to look at in person, packing, as well as all the REGULAR stuff I have to do... oh, and we've all been sick this last week (or more, depending on the person). BLAH!

In other news...
Tea is walking like a pro. She doesn't fall down a bit unless she's tired, throwing an attitude, or walking on other things. The newest of the news on Tea is that she pooped in the potty today! ^_^ Awesome, right?!! New as of yesterday: she's taken to babydolls! She's found some baby dolls in the girls' room and taken to carrying them over her shoulder (the way she's often carried). She also talks to them... she raises her voice and sort of sing-songs to them... no real words that I can decipher, but she's definitely talking to her baby! Generally she is a funny little girl with a mobile face. She'll set her eyebrows down and pucker up her lips when she's not happy... or scrunch up her nose and raise her upper lip to play... or head-butt ya to get your attention (mostly with Daddy, but sometimes with me and her sisters, too). She's a doll! Can you believe she's almost ONE year old!

Kat is now THREE years old!!! She's still progressing nicely in her efforts to learn to read. She still sits with books and "reads" them regularly and loves for Mama, Daddy, and Ria to read to her. She also still loves to color and most recently has begun to actually cut when she has scissors (before she would try, but the paper would just slide between the blades). She loves to be with Ria, doing anything Ria is interested in doing. She also loves to take things away from Tea. :( ugh! She knows she's not supposed to and gives it right back if she realizes I saw what she did, but she definitely tries to get away with snatching from the baby. Kat is able to ride her bike (with training wheels) more than 2 miles! She did it with Jess on our last day of bike riding for PE in September! I was really amazed because she hadn't done nearly so well for me the weeks preceding that feat.

Ria is working on her school pretty well lately. Not as much fighting and resistance as I'd been dealing with through the end of the summer. We're actually working on the scheduling aspect of homeschooling more currently. We've been doing a sort of block schedule the last two weeks and it's worked better (with all our outside activities) than trying to complete each of the classes every day that we did successfully for most of the summer. We'll be experimenting some more to try to find an even more compatible way for her to work. Ria rarely fusses about practicing piano lately... she actually seems to enjoy that the most of all her classes. Easy to understand why.... It's because she's gotten quite good (especially for her age). She plays the major chords: C, G, D, E, and A (I think that's the order she's learned them) and it's a pleasure for me to watch her little hands move in concert to play them! She's in the second level books and currently finishing up the third song in the practice book. She a few pages into the theory book as well. I love to watch her play and she really does quite well, I think. :)

Jess is immersed in Biketoberfest Week at work right now. It's not actually a whole week. He's been working even longer hours than normal. If Bike Week, in early 2010, is this plus some (the way his boss tells him) I REALLY hope we're able to make it to VA to visit. At least then the girls won't be upset about not being able to spend time with their Daddy in the morning. I think that'll be in March. I really don't know what the dates are for sure. The trip really depends on whether we've got secondary transportation (cause Jess will still need a way to get to work when we're away!). So, if you think of it and so desire, please pray for a miracle of transportation to come our way. With the way things are currently (and will be, at least, until our tax return) we cannot afford any change in our budget. Hopefully that WILL change with the home purchase... we'll see.

Oh, and just to let you know... the girls will participate in a "homeschool fair" at the end of January and sometime in either May or June. If you're going to be around then, let us know and we'll send an invitation your way. ^_^ If not, no worries... I'll try to get some video of it and get it online... SOME day! ^_^ I know... I'm super bad at getting it up here, but seriously, homeschooling is really rather difficult and time consuming! I love it. Wouldn't change it. But it's not easy, either.


vicki said...

Whew! What news!
I may be seeing you in a new place the next time I visit. No more walks on the beach with such ease. I may be walking with chickens. I wonder if anyone is envisioning Tori being chased by a chicken with its head cut off....again! Maybe it will be one of your girls instead of you this time.

Ben & Barb said...

Congradulations on getting a new home!! I have always liked doublewides, they are so spacious and nice. When I read about you getting chickens I thought of a book I read a while back called "The Egg and I". It was about a city girl who married a farmer and had to learn how to run a farm. It was a good read. Tea used the potty? That's awesome! Kirsten hasn't showed any signs at all that she's ready to use the potty. I am happy to hear everyone is doing good. I don't know how you do everything you do and I really admire you for it all. You are an awesome mom!! We are hoping we can visit this Christmas. I think we are about 5 hours from you, so we are a lot closer then we used to be. I don't get on here nearly as much as I would like to and I am glad I did today. I really enjoyed reading your post. Love you guys.

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