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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Soliloquy 61: The Woods

The Woods in Washington State... or maybe it was Tennessee
I honestly cannot tell you FOR SURE where these woods were.  But I do remember playing in woods really frequently and I think it was in Oak Harbor, Washington.
I remember this one little hidey place.  It was my special place.  Perhaps it could be called a thicket.
I went there the most.  Perhaps that's the only place I really played in the woods.  It is the only part I remember now.
Perhaps it is the memory of the feeling of safety and enjoyment that is part of the reason I'm working so very hard to "re-wild" myself. these days and since way back when we moved to Florida.  So that my children will have the fun and feeling of safety of having their very own woods with thickets in which to play.  They do!
I don't know what they will remember of this time during which our homeplace is very wild.  I do know they have so much fun out there.  As I become more comfortable, I'm able to let them wander more and more.  Currently, their wanderings are not all that far from our dwellings.  
Our first fall on our property, we had VERY tall grass because it had not been mowed in ages and we didn't have a mower that could manage it when we moved on the place.  The children turned the tall grass into a neighborhood... forming tunnels in the grass, tromping down grass for paths, and making rooftops of grass laid atop the grass tunnels.  It was wonderful.
More recently (fall 2015), we had far less grass, so the children moved their imaginary neighborhood making into the woods beyond where their grass homes had been.  And instead of houses, they call them castles or other grand adjectives... and Ria even has apartments for her siblings in her castle.
They do also fight.  I hope, though, that they will remember the fun more than anything!

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