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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Soliloquy 58: Thoughts about the Mandelbrot Set: Planetary

Think of the solar system, the universe, the galaxy... We are one.
I am a planet circling the sun (Tori focus on Christ).  I have rotation and revolution in my path that is one continual round through this life.  Through my course, as on earth, there are times when I am closer to the son and times when I am farther away.  There are times when I am facing away and may know the light, but not feel it.  There are times of eclipse, too.
This system perspective enables me to see even more clearly how and why others in my life may not like it when I change.  My path is easy for them to be around, until I change.  And then, they must either also change or be in continual discomfort, or depart.
Each family is like a solar system.  Hopefully Christ is the "son" but oftener it is an emotionally abusive person upon whom all focus, rather than Christ.  Each person in the family has their set course, which is determined, in part, by "gravitational pull" of their own mass as well as their own relatively to the others in the family.
The larger community is then a universe, varying portions of it depending upon which type of community (neighborhood, town, city, nation, etc) one is considering.  Our world would then be like unto the galaxy.
All one.  One together.  The same and always different.

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