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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Life

It is what it is.  And what IS it?  Well, a whole lot to me, but not all that much to many.

Can I be any more vague?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

I've learned a great deal, recently, about what IS... also, a great deal about how much I can actualize/change in my little world.  I guess "can" is different from "allowed to," really.  So, perhaps I should rephrase: I have learned a bit about what I am allowed to change and how very limited my choices are in some areas... if I desire to be obedient, of course.  And, since I do... I am limited.

Limits are, generally, good.  I can see this clearly in a logical way.  Not so much emotionally.

So I come to see ever more clearly my cross.  This whole disciple thing is pretty much a whole lotta torture at times.  *sigh*  I'm a whiner.  Obviously.  Too bad you don't understand the details... you might commiserate... or, at least, radiate compassion toward/about me.  But, alas, I am learning I must needs stop sharing as is my nature to do.

I have been learning much about what, in my nature, I must leave behind.  No easy task... especially when many parts I am meant to leave out are parts I considered of value.

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