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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday, at two different times, Ria spontaneously said to me, "Mama, you're looking really thin!" and then, "You really are looking thinner, Mama!" Then, later that night, as she's off to bed... she's hugging me goodnight. She repositions herself and attempts to hug be around my back. She stands up and says, "I can almost wrap my arms all the way around you! Pretty soon I'm gunna be able to!" I respond, "Yes, maybe a combination of your growing and Mama losing pounds, huh?" She said, "YES!"

SO SWEET, right? I felt it was just so wonderful I had to share. ^_^

Hope this tidbit from Tori finds you full of Joy on the day we celebrate: He is RISEN! What joy and hope there is in that TRUTH!!!!

And, if you have been invited: GO HERE to get a more detailed update of our goings on, if you'd like to know, of course. ^_^ If you have not been invited, but would like to read there, let me know here, in Favebook, or via email and I'll make you one of the "elite." ;) Just kidding, of course, about that particular choice of word.


vicki said...

Happy to read the sweet utterings, your joyous expressions and your invitation to the blog for us 'elitists'. This mama feels so.
love, mom

Tori said...

I'm happy to let ya read along, Val! Thanks for asking. ^_^

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