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Friday, April 23, 2010

Much of What I've been learning... in a video synopsis!

"What we're dealing with is really some kind of operating system that can be hacked using words." The precedng is a quote from the movie. It is really nearly perfect as a synopsis of the YouTube if you prefer not to invest the mere 10 minutes it would take to watch this amazingly informative YouTube. It is SO true! AWESOME stuff!!! I have been experiencing the truthfulness of these things.

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vicki said...

very interesting. I have to listen again as parts were hard to hear, and i couldn't turn up the Vol as needed. This quote I find to be so very true: "you are helping to create it by believing it." Edgar cacye (mispelled, maybe) was accurate, I think, when he said (based on this video), "reality is built out of thoughts."

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