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Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a lovely quiet Thanksgiving. How about you? Jessie helped me with the awesome gift bird, by preparing a brine and parting the succer. It wouldn't fit, whole, in the brining container. Man, that bird was GOOD! The girls (and little bit of Jessie) and I whipped right through it. Today we're enjoying some lentils made in the broth with some turkey bits, carrot slices, and celery slices. The broth we made from the turkey drippings and carcas is amazingly delicious... so anything we put it in takes on that same amazingly awesome flavor. Could it be that the flavor is enhanced by the love of the gift? Me thinks the answer be YES! :)

The trip to Virginia seems secure, which is such an amazingly tremendous and unexpected gift and blessing. I'm still nervous. I mean, COME ON... I'm driving 12+ hours with three littles on my own (and that's just ONE WAY)! Additionally, though not a cause for nervousness, Jessie has this Christmas off. In case you didn't know, that's THE FIRST in MANY years that he'll actually be around ON Christmas. Unfortunately (and fortunately?) we won't be!!! How ironic, eh? I prayed about whether we should go up North after mention was made of the intended gift. I did actually feel really conflicted. The Lord made it very clear to me that He would have me in Virginia. So, VA is where the girls and I will be....

We found out only moments ago that the seller's bank has signed the contract AND wants to close on the house by December 30 (in the contract we have the closing set for January 31st). So, we're excited. Still nervous about not having the closing costs, though! I've developed a plan, but am nervous even about the application of it. I keep talkin' myself UP, though, with phrases like: "God's got it!" and "Let go, let God." and so forth. I'm still struggling, but truly trying to remain focused on the fact that we really are doing this because we believe it is what the Lord would have us do. As a matter-of-fact, because of the closing cost stress, if I didn't firmly believe that Heavenly Father made it clearly known to me that we SHOULD be doing this, I would feel strongly (of myself) that we should cut our losses now and pursue this course no more! Seriously. Since I feel so strongly that Jess and I are understanding the Lord's Will clearly on this, I 'simply' (HA!) have to keep talkin myself up that He truly WILL work it out.

In other, and really unrelated,news; so far my Ward has three families growing in 2010. Two of them are expecting their very first babies! I'm excited because Jess and I, though not preggie, have been expecting to welcome an addition to our family sometime in 2010. So, we'll have a big YOUNG nursery in 2012, eh? :) Oh, and then one of my sisters (the one I grew up with) is expecting... so I'm also rather hoping that the other actively growing family in our family will turn up preggie, too. It happened about a year and 9 months ago... so it could happen again! And to me (and I think my sister, too), this would be SUCH a joy and pleasure because then, when we ever get together (especially the whole family!), there will be play groups of cousins! What a pleasure that would be!!! I know... I'm a goofball. I know.


Jenny said...

I was so nervous driving a 12 hour trip with just me and my young boys, but they were awesome, and the trip went really well. I bet things will work out just fine for you. In fact, you may be surprised to discover that your day is easier with those adorable kiddos strapped into a seat... ;-)

I know what you mean about having fun having babies with neighbors and friends and ESPECIALLY sisters. Both of my children are within months of my sister. In fact my youngest has a cousin within six months of him from EVERY married sibling of mine AND my husbands. SO FUN!

Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! And sounds like a fun Christmas is in store for you too!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be so fun for you and Evelyn to be pregnant together again...not only for your children to-be, but for you guys. As you know pregnancy is so challenging...how nice it must be to have someone so close to you to share the experience with. :)

The Farrell Family said...

mmmm...I don't think I'm the other actively growing family. Barb...I think she means you!!!!

We're excited to see you guys! Kelsy has been dancing around the house singing, "Cousin Ria's coming for Christmas!" And Jessie will be missed...I was hoping he could teach me to make sushi while ya'll were here :( Sometime soon!

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