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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miracles Pouring

So, a mere week and a day ago there was some reason for concern (as well as me talkin' myself back up to faithfulness) and some excitement. There is progress I want to share regarding both.

Before I begin, I hope you will keep in mind throughout that I am sharing much in hopes of relating to you how truly amazing, wonderful and loving I know Heavenly Father is to me and my family. AND how He is a personal Father. He knows us as individuals and meets our needs as we live in Faith... and as we NEED (whether for physical necesity or testimony fortification OR both). There are things we have been dealing with that have been difficult and while I may mention some, I hope you will realize that I do so more to relate how trials are here, too. ;)

I believe I mentioned that we didn't have grocery money for this past week. We didn't. And we didn't spend any money on groceries. Kat asked to go to the grocery store any number of times, which I mention only because I find it really funny! (A kid who WANTS to go to the grocery store?? Obviously, Kat likes to eat.) After I finished my last post I felt a tremendous warmth and peace flow over and through me. I believe I needed to write what I wrote more for me than as any way of sharing our experiences!

Last Sunday we were given a bunch of bananas (about 7 individual bananas), 3 dozen eggs, and a pork shoulder! The combination of eggs (mixed up with some beans to make our bread) and pork made up our "big" meals throughout the week. What an awesome blessing and even miracle for us!

Monday we found out that the sellers of the house we made an offer on signed our offer late Friday night. That same day I was feeling really rough... SUPER tired. We had Family Home Evening in "our new home"! ^_^ It was, perhaps, silly, but we really wanted to start "owning" it! :)

Tuesday evening we found out that the seller's bank ('cause the property is a short sale) countered our offer. That same day I was feeling even more rough and my right boob had started hurting really badly. I went to bed quite early that night with a fever. ... ...the dreaded M... ... mastitis! :( Thankfully I know a "quick" remedy: buffered vitamin C, echinacea, sleep, and lots of nursing the baby on the sore boobie! I wasn't able to sleep as much as would have been best, but the fever broke during the night. My boob still had a fever through Thursday morning, though.

Tuesday we found out that the bank we're using for the mortgage needed 2007 and 2008 W2s. We'd sent those a while back when we first faxed over a ton of info. Jess brought the envelope back after he sent the fax and I proceeded to pack it. Tuesday night I went through the packed boxes TWICE and could not find the W2s. :( Thankfully we've used the same accountant for a few years, so Wednesday Jess called them to ask them to fax the W2s over to him. As the lady was doing that for him, she found a 2007 W2 stuck in with the 2008 tax return stuff. She told him she would be filing an amendment, so we would get a small check (BUT MONEY!) at some point in the future. uuummm... Can you say: YEAY? We sure do! Please remember this happened soon after we've felt very poignantly and upsettingly that we don't know how we're going to pay for all sorts of closing costs and other out of pocket expenses associated with buying this house... and then letting those concerns go because: God's Got It.

By Thursday night Jessie signed the contract and faxed it to our Realtor. As of now, we're waiting to hear that the other parties have signed before we order the appraisal. Amazing, right?! We're excited.

Friday Jess called a friend, who had suggested he might be able to take care of the survey (an out-of-pocket expense), to see if he was serious. He was serious and the only qualifier is that he wants Jess to be there when the survey of the land is done. We definitely have more time than money, so that's do-able! :)

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day (by the standards of the preceeding week!). I was able to finish (FINALLY) Tea's baby blanket and get some work done on her Tigger-doll.

Today a friend came by to deliver a 21 pound turkey and some fixins for Thanksgiving dinner!!! We do actually have grocery money this week, but we won't have to spend near as much (if anything) on meat now. What a HUGE and awsome blessing!!!!! With the food gift she also gave a cash gift, which will bolster our grocery budget very nicely! I may be able to get some plastic wrap! Let me tell you, it's difficult to store things without plastic wrap. ;)

Also today I found out that I may be able, through a gift, to make it to VA for Christmas. I'm afraid to be completely excited about that possibility.... I haven't been able to see my family together since my little sister's wedding. I'm nervous to be excited, but still feel really excited about that possibility! I hope it all works out so I can get up there.

Isn't it amazing? I mean, if we just talk ourselves up to being Faithful... Heavenly Father always is and when we work on our end.... It's just amazing!

I need to add here that I KNOW these things are wonderful and I feel totally loved an blessed... but I'm not special! Heavenly Father isn't favoring me over any one else. He has ready all kinds of similar and even totally different miracles for EVERYONE who comes Faithful to Him. The work we have to do (that I continue to struggle to do from moment to moment) is to remain Faithful and Obedient. How amazingly simple! And totally and completely difficult!! And awesomely, wonderfully, powerfully GOD!

I feel the need to bear witness to the way that Heavenly Father is a Father of intimacy, of individual attention, and of Love. His Love is unconditional. He cannot love me more now than He used to OR more than He loves anyone else because His love is not based on what I do or do not do. I know it. And I bear testimony of it. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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vicki said...

Thank you for the testimony!
I'll bet our Kat likes shopping...the atmosphere, the people, the prospects...

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