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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun Day

Saturday the 24th was a fun day. It was the third annual Water Day sponsored by the Primary of my Ward. It was quite cool. The most entertaining activity was a slip and slide. Now, if you have in mind one of the small narrow blue plastic 'slip and slides' like that which I remember from my youth... well, you wouldn't have a good idea of it by more than half. The actual slip and slide that was employed for much water fun was a white-ish/clear plastic of about 12 feet wide and probably 100 feet long. It was set up in a nicely sloping area of the church yard. It was SERIOUSLY cool.

There were two water hoses held by adults to keep the slide slick AND, said adults, squirted watery dish soap into the mix to make the slide more slick. The kids had a GREAT time with it and it was quite enjoyable to watch. The most fun was had, it seemed, by those adults who took a couple turns to go down.

Tea was not much interested, so I was spared the indignity of trying to skid down for a slide and, instead, landing plop, kerplunk and immovable. Now, I know remaining steadfast and immovable is a commendable trait. It is one I am ever striving to attain and maintain, but on a slip and slide to be as successful at it as I would surely be, well... that's only degrading! ;)

While that all was fun and funny enough, I have to say my greatest enjoyment came from a private experience. Tea, Kat, and I had to use the potty. We rushed around to find a door open, only to realize that the building hadn't been disturbed yet. Thankfully a dear brother came rushing over after someone alterted him to our impending danger! We made it to the bathroom in just the nick of time... for ME! Well, it was not QUITE in the amount of time I would've needed to help Tea AND take care of myself as per our normal routine.

So, since Tea has been doing SO well using the potty on her own, I put her in place and went to the stall right next to hers to do my thing. Just as I finished my stream, I heard, "Yeeeaaauuuuhhhh." It wasn't a rejoicing or a talking noise. It was a distressed one. I asked what was wrong and Tea just sort of whimpered. I consoled her telling her I was geting up right then. Before I even pulled myself together, I checked on her cause she just sounded so pittiful. And what did I find? My youngest and smallest sitting IN the toilet, looking up at me with worry and a sort of disgust in her bright blue eyes. And ALL I could do was laugh! Seriously, I couldn't even pull her up out of the toilet for the first 3 seconds 'cause I was laughing so hard!

When she saw me so full of mirth, her expression slowly changed. First her eyes got a bit crinkly and eventually she smiled, too. Thankfully only a small part of the bottom of her shirt was wet by the toilet water (and her pee-pee). But her shorts protected her from constant contact with it. Perhaps that's really odd to some, but I rarely carry extra clothes with us because my girls have really rarely ever needed such a thing. And I guess I honestly just don't think about accidents of the toilet kind! ^_^

What fun we had on Saturday morning!

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vicki said...

The fun water day was funniest in the toilet! That was a good belly laugh. Hopefully your mirth will keep her from fearing public toilets.

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