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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jessie Is Published

I hope you'll read his work. It's sort of a joint effort, really. I write, he reviews, changes, and approves for publication. Sometimes not in that order, but that's more due to his work schedule than planning or anything else.

So far he's earned $0.02!!! ;) heeheehee That's not much, of course, but with your help we can get up to the $25 for first pay-out. And that would be SO nice! Any extra income is always appreciated. I'm sure you feel us on that!

How can you help? Well, read his articles, of course. ^_^ He gets paid for the traffic to his pages, subscriptions to his writing, and page view quality (time spent on his pages, as I understand it). So, check us out often... if you would. It'll certainly make a difference to us!

Our goal is to publish at least 3 times each week. This week most of the publishing was today, but hopefully it'll be more spread out in the future.

I'll make sure to share when he's got new stuff up, too. THANK YOU, in advance, for your support! :)

1 comment:

vicki said...

YOu KNOW he/ya'll have my support. I hope my many visits to his/your articles all count. the writing is good.
love, mom

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