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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Waiting on the Lord

I know I've already shared my sense of dreading the drive north. Perhaps dread is too mellow a word. hmmm Well, I think that dread may be correct for the drive north... but there must needs be a stronger descriptor for the return trip since we'll be doing 12+ hours without much break (so we can go to the temple the day after we get home, of course! as per our standing plans at this point).

Well, I was sharing the good news of the trip with a friend from the homeschool PE group. She immediately asked if I would like to borrow her portable DVD player. At first I said no because I was worried about borrowing such equipment, but the more she talked about it, the more I thought it really might be helpful... especially on the return trip. So, I agreed to happily and thankfully borrow it.

My friend brought the equipment over a couple hours later with a bin of a bunch of DVDs (among them many we haven't seen). I felt overwhelmed by her generosity of the offer to let us borrow the DVD player alone, but then when she brought movies too... well, I was tickled, for sure. As we were talking about things, my friend's daughter said something like, "We hope you'll enjoy your new system." (Or something really similar.) I corrected her and said, "We will certainly enjoy borrowing YOUR system!" Then her Mom, my friend, said, "Oh no! Jesus told me when I was packing it all up that it was yours. So, it's yours!" That alone is pretty amazing and wonderful. But there is more.

Jessie came home and I was excited to show him the family Christmas gift from one of our PE friends. He was well pleased and reminded me that the system we'd been given was the same one he was looking at and wanted to buy for the girls for Christmas last year. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that, but totally remembered it when he reminded me. There is someone else who totally remembered without a reminder! And HE gave it to Jessie/us in His own due time. I told Jessie, "All we have to do is wait on the Lord." And it's completely true. I know it. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know us as individuals. They know what we need temporally and what we need spiritually and they give us that which they know we need. I'm so grateful for this knowledge and another testament of it in a joyous miracle! I hope you will rejoice with me in knowing, especially, that Tori is less likely to arrive completely off her rocker to her multiple destinations. ;)


vicki said...

WHat a gift!
I'm glad to read it has the potential of keeping you on your 'rocker' thru the trip. As I write this you have started the trip north. I am praying for you all. love, mom

The Farrell Family said...

i checked it...i'll try and be more regular, i'm need to keep in touch better

Valerie said...

I popped over from MMB for a visit. What a kind friend and a great example of following a prompting instead of questiong it. Thanks for sharing that.

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