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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another Story from our Moving Experience

The Soul
Our departure day, August 18, 2014 is the day the game began.  We didn’t plan it.  We didn’t really know it would become a game when it started.  It just sort of happened.

As we drove north heading out of DeLand after turning in the Brighthouse box, Jessie spotted three green Kia Souls at the intersection of 17 and International Boulevard.  Two were heading west on International and the other was turning next to us.
During the ordeal of the Blown Tire, Jessie saw a green Soul.

By 7:16pm Jessie spotted our fifth green Soul.  Five is supposed to be a big number for me, numerologically speaking.  I don’t know what it means, but it somehow seems significant to me- even without noting numerology.
I’m pretty sure we saw Souls between August 18th and the 25th, but I didn’t keep track of them until the 25th.  I think it was just sort of interesting at first… and then there were just so many and we would see them at interesting moments, that I started to keep track of how many we saw and what colors they were.

August 25th: gray: 2, green: 1, dark gray green: 1, white: 1, black: 2
August 26th: black: 1, green: 1, silver: 1

August 27th: gray: 1, white: 1
August 28th: white: 4, red: 3, gray: 7, black: 3, green: 3, eggshell: 1, orange: 1

August 29th: green 1, red: 1, silver: 1, black: 1
August 30th: black: 1, green: 1, silver: 1, white: 1

August 31st: black: 4, red: 1, eggshell: 1… of the black 2 had white racing stripes and 1 had red racing stripes
September 1st: red: 1, dark gray: 2, black: 2

September 2nd: green: 4, black: 4
September 3rd: silver: 2, white: 1, gray: 1, green: 1, yellow: 1

September 4th: silver: 1, black: 1, red: 2, white: 2, green: 1, gray: 1
September 5th: white: 2, gray: 1, green: 3, black with red racing stripe: 1, eggshell: 1, brown: 1

September 6th: silver: 1, gray: 1, eggshell: 1, green: 1, white: 1,
September 7th: silver: 1

September 8th: white: 1, white with tiger stripes: 1, green: 1, gun metal gray: 2, orange: 1
September 9th: black: 2, silver: 3, white: 2, eggshell: 1

September 10th: silver: 5, greenish brown: 1, white: 5, eggshell: 2, yellow: 1, green: 5, gray: 1, red: 1
September 11th: white: 1, green: 4, red: 1, gray: 2, silver: 1

September 12th: silver: 7, eggshell: 1, black: 3, gray: 2, green: 3, brown: 1, white: 3, yellow pea green: 1, orange: 1, jade (blueish green): 1
September 13th: orange: 2, black: 1, red: 1

September 14th: we were not out and about
September 15th: black: 3, white: 4, eggshell: 2, navy: 1, green: 3, yellow: 1

September 16th: Mama and the children stayed at the trailer.
September 17th: black: 1, eggshell: 1

The order of the colors is the order in which we saw them, but we may have seen a few of one color before we saw a new color… or one of each.  Sometimes, I’ve seen a color that seems to indicate that my thoughts or feelings are on the wrong track.  Maybe I was feeling upset about something and I then saw a red Soul.  Or the opposite, too… as in seeing the five green Souls on the first day… seems like we’re getting the “green light” to keep going even though the difficulties we were facing might cause me to think we’re doing the wrong thing.
It’s a silly little game, but it’s fun and something positive that Jessie and I did from the first day of our moving adventure.

“For the worth of a Soul is great.” Has come to my mind very frequently during this game.  ;)
The children made a pun… they said: What song would a Soul (car) sing most?  Answer: Then Sings My Soul.  Harharhar  ^_^  Love my silly punny kiddos!

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