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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Currently and Some News

Officially, it is annoying when people ask if I'm still preggie... or "Haven't you had that baby yet?"  I'm sorry, but it is annoying.  I'm not even 40 weeks along!  Seriously.  I can't help the fact that I'm still preggie - unless I want to put my baby in danger.  Castor oil is as likely to give the baby the poops as me, and NO, I do NOT want my baby living in meconium before s/he is born no matter how my midwife tells me she's birthed healthy babies that did!  (Just as a note, she has NOT encouraged me to take Castor Oil lately or ever and I only know this bit about her experience with birthing babies who lived in it because of some anecdotal info she shared with me when I was really overdue with Tea.  She has, in fact, dissuaded me from such "starting labor" efforts in the past and I'm sure she would/will again.)  So, I'm not going to do anything to put my baby in harm's way.  If harm is meant to happen, it will happen withOUT MY help.  And our constant prayer is that all will be WELL and that the Angels sent to help us along will bear us up lest we dash our toes on rocks in our path.  So, we are expecting all to occur in due course with a joyful outcome.

I've honestly wanted to have this baby since February 14th (and really thought I would!) and it's not here, so YES, I'm tired.  Basically, that's to be expected at the end of pregnancy, but knowing that I have (given history) at least until March 18th to be preggie... it IS annoying to be asked if I am "still" preggie.  Sorry!  I honestly cannot help it.  It seems obvious to me that this is one of the down sides to having a 35-37 day cycle....  Carrying babies beyond the Doc's or Midwife's set "due date" seems to be basically the only down side I can think of... unless one is anxious to get preggie and then 35-37 days to wait between tries might be annoying, but I've been at peace concerning when conception would occur since the first time - when I was overly anxious and wanted to get preggie when I wanted to get preggie.

On the up side, there are months, when in normal cycling (out past post-partum amenorhea), that I don't have to HAVE a cycle cause it only comes every 35-37 days.  I like that.  Given the cramps I must endure just to bleed... it's NICE to NOT have them come more frequently than they do!  So, we take the "good" with the "bad" and keep on plugging along, right?  Well, seems to me that's about all there is to do!

And right here and now, the above is just me venting... cause it IS frustrating.  But I'll take it.  Cause the baby IS moving and I am well.  ^_^

Anyway... GOD knows what this baby needs and I'm absolutely sure that the baby will come in The Lord's due time no matter what my preference is!  So, I will Wait On and Trust In the Lord.

In other news:

Jess had a blast working a party last night as service.  He boiled and grilled, served and ate.  And just had a good time.  The girls and I did, too.  It was our Ward's Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts (which was also a Ward Social) and turned out REALLY well.  It was fun to watch Jess in one of his elements.  He really DOES enjoy working with food AND people!

Ria is currently either very difficult or an angel.  I have nothing more to add about that right now.  Can you guess which end of the pendulum she's dangling at right now?

Kat has a little shadow named Tea.  Tea has been Ria's shadow frequently, too, but lately she's been settling most often in the footsteps of Kat.  I'm not sure how much I like or dislike this.  I'm SO glad my girls have such awesome playmates, though.  What a gift to have multiple same gender sibs!  I didn't have such a blessing and it's lovely to watch and enjoy now as a Mama.

Tea (rhymes with Ria) plays piano every day.  She'll play for a moment and then pause to say, "Sound petty, Mama?"  She is ADORABLE.  Well, until the end of the day during which time I'm trying to make dinner, inevitably... and she starts the constant fussing.  She still really NEEDS a nap, but if she GETS one she's up way too late at night, so I don't push them.  She's ready for bed by about 6:45pm with an hour or more of constant fussing before that.  *sigh*  YES, it IS frustrating!  She's generally such a happy girl....

I'm just tired.  Not a good time to post, perhaps, but this is me.  It's part of me, just like the optimism and efforts to remain in Peace moving ever toward Joy and trying to remain in Light!  I have bad days just like anyone else.  Today I woke up with a headache... so it's definitely not THE brightest day I've had lately.

We did get to go to the temple yesterday.  ^_^  It was our February temple trip as a family and was REALLY nice.  I couldn't find my temple bag, for which the Lord had been preparing me for at least a few days before...  I'd heard whispers  in the days leading up to our temple day (the last chance for February!) that went along these lines: "It's super important to simply get your girls to the temple,"  and, "Just make sure you GO to the temple for the consistency, your girls so WANT to be there, keep them in that desire,"  and, "It isn't always necessary that you go in to work, but sometimes it's just important to GET there together, to reaffirm that just BEing at the temple is precious, special and valuable."  So, even though I couldn't find my temple bag (with recommend in it), we went to the temple.  And then, after using the toilets inside (which is part of our routine to get the girls IN the temple), we went to one of their favorite stops - a playground park.  Our yesterday morning time together after we left the temple is like the ones Jess makes with the girls while I'm working in the temple.  And it was really NICE!  What a WONDERFUL morning for an hour at a playground!

I was just telling a friend, last night, about these sorts of trips.  You see, Jess tells me all about their escapades and adventures of an hour or two in duration which occur when I'm in the temple working.  He tells me about what they do, what they see, if they talk to anyone, if they avoid anyone (which they sometimes do when they are on secret missions ^_^)... basically everything, it seems like.  And I've had this feeling that it's SO super enjoyable to be with Jessie - especially when he's focused on being OUT with the girls in the way he is when I'm in the temple.  Having a GOOD time with them.

And then I got to go to some of their places when my Mom came to visit back in October.  Now, one of the places we visited was one Jess told me a LOT about previously.  He'd described to me how amazing it was to watch these hordes of wasps gathering mud and how they would fly right by your face - totally uninterested in the huge human they passed - yet so close Jess could see how the legs were all working together to hold the mud as the little beast flew.  His descriptions were just magical!  I was sure there were sparkles in the air around my girls as they observed these things with their Daddy... there certainly were sparkling motes floating in my mind's eye over and through everything I saw from his description!  :)    And then I got to go and see these things for myself.  As a result, I came to realize something really amazing and wonderful: the things Jessie observed with and did for/with our girls were not all that magical in and of themselves... the magic is in my JessieHE is the reason these things are so amazing... HIS eye and HIS perception of the world around him is just BEAUTIFUL!  And WHAT a gift to see these normal and even boring sorts of things for myself... to see how normal and boring they appear to me, yet to know how magical they are TO me and - even more importantly, to my girls, BECAUSE they get to see and experience it/them with their Daddy with the Magic Eyes!  Oh, WHAT a man!  :)

That's us for now.  Hope to hear from you!

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