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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PeaHens Today

Today was a quiet day. Not nearly as showy or exciting as yesterday. The perfect day for the PeaHens to stop by. There were three. My poor chickens were just itching to get out and be among fellow birds. I could tell.

So, now I wonder if we are on the rounds with the PeaFowl. How exciting, right? I'll let you know of any further sightings. Wouldn't it be fun/funny if the days on which the PeaCock came to visit were all exciting? And the ones the PeaHens dropped by rather quiet? :) We'll see.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm hosting a meeting at my house. It is SO not up to par. But I'm hoping my new friends will pass a blind eye over ALL the faults! At least the lawn is mowed! ;) THANKS to Grampa!!!

1 comment:

vicki said...

So, pardon my ignorance...
where did the PeaHens come from? Were they from the 'wild' or did someone carry them to visit?
It certainly is not clear to me.
Til you got birds I was only familiar with the hens in the refrigerator section at the store. Learned a lot from you, but I've got lots to learn still.
love, mom
ps. have a good meeting!

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