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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank YOU!!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Week of December 1 - 7, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011:  I'm thankful for the extra rest I was blessed to partake of this morning.  The mastitis seems to be completely abated!  YEAY!!  This was MUCH faster that the last time I had it (all too recently).  I'm grateful for the great workout I enjoyed this morning.  I'm also thankful for the visible changes going on in my body!  My Ria told me, at day 3, I think it was, "Mama, you look thinner already!"  I didn't really see it, so I thanked her for thinking so.  Then the next day she said, "No, Mama, you're really looking thinner already!"  Then, yesterday, she told me, "Mama you're glowing!  No, you really really are!  You look so pretty!"  No one else has noticed any difference in me (including me, for the most part).  However, last night (a little), but more so this morning I could see some differences in my body.  And then I remembered that I hadn't taken my measurements since the initial measuring.  In this program I'm doing, you're supposed to take your measurements every week.  So, I took them today.  I'm two days late.

Just as a note, rather important in my opinion: I have NOT been watching what I eat.  Imagine how much better my results could be if I WAS!  However, I'm not.  I've eaten way WAY way too much sugary stuff.  Rice crisy treats, pie, pumpkin gooey cake, banana gooey cake, snicker doodles, and more... and this poor eating started before Thanksgiving!  I began this every-day 'boot camp' on Saturday, November 26, 2011.  Today is December 1.  I took my measurements on November 22 (I was planning to start the boot camp right then, but didn't.)  However, to fully inform you, I was doing the exercises (from this program) that I could find online for about a week before I got my DVD and then I did the workout video twice after I received it.  So, the visual impact of the changes in my body are not "just" from one week.  BUT the inches lost ARE from November 22 until today.  How many inches would you guess I've lost in that amount of time (9 days, I think)?  Well, I've lost 7.25!!!!  Isn't that AWESOME!!?!??!!  I'm SO freakin' excited!!!!  I feel even more hopeful about the changes I feel must happen over the course of the next few months.

Oh, I had this realization, for which I'm deeply grateful.  I truly believe the Lord showed me this truth.  In fact, He has probably been trying to teach me this truth for the majority of my life, but I would not know... In fact, I believed the exact opposite for most of my life, really.  The truth I have realized is that I am a thin being who has trapped herself in a fat body because I mistakenly believed it would protect me.  I have bound myself (like as in hand-cuffs or tied by ropes) by unfitness because I thought it would free me.  I know, sounds strange, but it's the TRUTH!  My truth.  My Spirit was not "fat" before I learned how to fit into my baby body.  I was thin, just as we all were in the Pre-Existence.  I was fit and healthy because by Spirit body was perfect as perfect could be.  So, now that I know this truth, I feel so amazingly empowered and more at peace about the whole process of getting fit and healthier.  I realize that I simply need to do the work I need to do and my body/Spirit will take care of the rest; for it truly seeks stasis in HEALTH.  Since part of health is FITness I simply need to get to work!!!!  So... I look forward to watching with peace and enjoyment the changes my body will make as I move toward greater fitness (mind, body, heart, Spirit) than I've ever had before in my life!!!!!  ^_^

Ria and Kat just tried to take pictures of me yesterday.  They were fuzzy because the battery was almost dead.  We're going to try again today... some day I'll be able to post them as well as the changes I'll continue to experience!  Don't know when because I still don't have communication between my desktop and camera... someday, though I'll get them up!  ;)  So, from what I can predict, I'll have to get the pictures from my camera onto a disc and then upload them here as I did before.  I do NOT know when I'll be able to do that.  So... you'll just have to imagine for now.  ^_^

Next week I'll report on the inches for the week AND the total from first measure.  I hope you'll look forward to reading as much I do to learning and sharing!!!!!  ^_^

Friday, December 2, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good night's sleep.  I woke up quite early this morning and felt well rested.  I stayed in bed and rested some more so Jimmy would stay asleep.  He's a much nicer baby to have around when he's had enough sleep!

I'm grateful for fun with my girls.  They loved doing some art work today and their creations were wonderful to behold!  Took pictures, but still no communication between computer and camera.  Sorry!

I'm grateful for days at home.  I'm grateful for my exercise class (on DVD) and the hard work of my children!  They are amazing!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011:  I'm thankful for enjoyable days at home.  The girls worked on some ornament making after much requesting.  They had a lot of fun with it.  We also got some cleaning done, which is always good to do on Saturdays.  :)  I'm grateful for my "secret" workout and the way it helps me feel SO good!

Sunday, December 4, 2011:  I'm thankful for a wonderful Sabbath Day.  I'm grateful for Confirmation that the change in our Ward Leadership was correct and right.  I'm grateful for the WONDERFUL compliment paid me by a friend who said, "I think you're good for my future."  What a great one, right?  I think it is the best compliment I've ever received.  :)  I'm grateful for enjoyable lessons and feeling the Spirit.

Monday, December 5, 2011:  I'm thankful for the feelings of GOODness and wellbeing I've been blessed with today and a bit yesterday.  I'm so grateful the Lord is seeing fit to bless me in this way because I was beginning to feel a bit despondent... much turmoil in my mind and soul for too long feels to be abating and I'm grateful!

I'm grateful for the awesome workout I enjoy!  I believe today is day 10 of my 14 day boot camp and I'm feeling kind of sad that it's almost done and I'll move to doing it every other day....  Weird, right?  But I'm trying to do the exercise portion of this system I found in  the way suggested by the originator/designer of it.  She says frequently, "Less is more."  And I have a feeling she's really right!  I'm grateful that there are portions of the workout that I can continue to do daily even if not the full-on lil' 15 minutes I've been doing... after a step-down to doing it every other day for a few weeks and then every third day for a couple weeks, I'm planning to do another boot camp of the more intense workout.  Should be interesting!  ^_^

I'm grateful for the awesome workout I continue to enjoy.  I'm looking forward to taking my measurements again on Thursday!  :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good day full of productivity.  Ria and I baked LOTS of cookies after we ran some errands earlier in the day.  Ria is such a great little baker.  I could've probably left her alone to do the three types of cookies we worked on today, but worked with her because #1 I wanted to and #2 I wanted to be able to say I helped make them!  ^_^  So, we made snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter chubs (they have reces cups in them).  That last type is for Jess, mostly, but I'm also bringing some to the baby shower we're going to on Thursday.

I'm grateful that JMy allowed me to complete my short workout this evening.  He did cry cause he pulled something down on him, but he was all right and calmed right down.  What a precious guy!  :)  I'm grateful for the great workout I enjoyed!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011:  I'm thankful for some time alone to daydream, read my scriptures, pray and do my back stretch.  I'm grateful Jessie took some time at home to work on the computer and finish the part of the project I could not do, of the one he let me help him with.  I'm excited to get the bits back to finish it up for him.  There is something truly satisfying in feeling that I am directly fullfilling my role and duty as helpmeet.

I'm grateful for the hard work of my Ria in doing her chores, school AND baking lots and lots of cookies.  She can be such a good hard worker!  I love it when she is!

I'm grateful for Tea's efforts to productively occupy herself.  I really need to find work for her to do because she so desires to be helpful!

I'm grateful for Kat; even when she's not obedient and unproductive.  She's amazing and wonderful in so many ways.  And I love her!

I'm grateful for JMy and his sweet temperment; most of the time.  I'm grateful for his funny smiles and sweet laughs and giggles.

I'm grateful for Jessie's work, which enables me to work at him with our children!

I'm grateful for 4H... perfect motivator to do some housework I'd been putting off!  Love it!  I was blessed with the opportunity to see how quickly I could put a kids' craft together and pull an example together to show what it should look like.  What a cool challenge!  And THIS is what I found and what we made.  We haven't yet made any with the foil between the "petals" of the star/flower, but we have made the basic AND the one with the foil star on both sides.... VERY nice.  I could decorate a whole tree with these and feel like it looked quite nice!  ^_^  I prepainted the rolls, cut them, and the adults made the foil stars, but the pieces were quite kid friendly (about 5years and up).  Tea loved doing it, too, but needed quite a lot of help.  What a blessing to my life my 4H Mama-friends are!!!  LOVE those ladies!!!

I remain very thankful for the workout program I've found and the changes in my body and feelings of well-being, which I continue to feel and experience.  :)  (And Ria keeps telling me how much thinner I'm looking.  And I can tell she means the compliments sincerely - not trying to get something out of me. ^_^)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Week of November 24 - 30, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011:  I'm thankful for my brother John.  He is an amazing strong and good person.  He has a Spirit that most cannot fathom.  I know because we can get a glimpse of the strength of a person as we observe their trials.  The most difficult trials come upon those who are strongest... or who must needs become strongest to be the servants God desires them to be.  My brother was made to be a mover and a shaker.  ^_^  I'm grateful for the friendship we had growing up.  I didn't have many friends.  He was one of the few.  I'm grateful for the hope that I have that some day he may be my friend again.  I'm grateful John is my brother.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope you have a perfectly wonderful day in every way!  And even though I haven't loved you as you would've liked or needed me to; I DO love you!

I'm thankful for a happy, peaceful and eventful Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed an early dinner at Pittmaster BBQ.  It was a private party and a real pleasure!  Mr. Sam, otherwise known as Poppy, outdid himself in the preparations.  We brought some items to share and enjoyed meeting his children and some of their families.  It was a good experience.  Then we headed over to Grammy Jo and Grampy Butch Marks' house.  We got to meet Jo's brother Dave, his wife Joyce and their daughter Melissa, or Missy.  Jo's brother Rick was also there.  Tracy, Shawna and Hunter were there as well, which is always a pleasure.  I ended up having a lovely conversation about the Gospel and Doctrines of Christ with Joyce and Dave.  And the most wonderful part about THAT, to me, is that Jo and Butch were so happy with how I conducted myself and how I was able to share some certain things that they'd never been able to get in edgewise!  What a joy!

Friday, November 25, 2011:  I'm thankful for a restful day at home.  I did a little work, read a bit, helped Jimmy sleep and snoozed for thirty minutes (REALLY rare for me to nap!), and had a good peaceful day at home.  I'm thankful for time at home.  I love being in our beautiful comfy home and being with my awesome (though very imperfect, of course) children.  :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011:  I'm thankful for a mostly good night's sleep.  They have been few and far between as of late, so last night was good relative to lately.  :)

I'm thankful for time at home to get ready for Sunday and to simply be with my children.  We've missed our regular reading time in the evening.  I still desire to read before they head to bed, but because it's been so difficult to realize lately, and the reading time together is so important to me, I've decided to do it in the morning as I wait for them to be able to join me for Devotionals.  So, I started reading our book while they finished up eating.  What a sweet time... and, for the most part, they were more still and reverent during Devotionals, too!  Makes me want to keep doing this in hopes of THAT kind of result!  :)

I'm thankful for a 15 minutes workout that got the heat rising in my core.  Love it!  After, I think, four days of a "break" (unintentional as it was) from exercise, it was difficult to get up specifically to exercise today, but I sure am glad I did!  When I see how this "secret" works for me, I'll share more about it.  ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011:  I'm thankful for a nourishing day at church today.  It was a pleasure to hear a talk on Charity based on Sister Allred's talk from the Relief Society broadcast given by Sister Hubbs, a talk on gratitude by Brother Mixon, a wonderful Sunday School lesson about Joy (Love) given by Brother McCombs, and a wonderful Relief Society Lesson taught by Daysha Lassiter on the talk from Conference about looking up.  By the end of any give Sunday I don't usually remember who gave what talk - or what the main point of each was about, but I definitely did yesterday!  And still remember it today!!!!  ^_^  God is soOO good!  :)

I'm grateful for the enjoyable dinner we had with the Missionaries.  I'm grateful for their desire to discuss with Jessie what he's reading.  Such desire that Elder Adriano went out of his way to read Esther just because Jessie was and is going to read Job because that's where Jess is reading.  Love our missionaries!  It's a pleasure to hear Jess enjoying discussion about subjects (spirituality/scripture) that are so very dear to my heart!

I'm thankful Ria's tooth finally came out.  It's been loose way too long and after much work on it, I finally yanked it out myself after Jess and Ria were sort of bickering off and on about it.  Hate to hurt my girl, but SO glad her adult teeth now have more of the room they need to grow in straight-ish.

I'm grateful for the amazing and so short workout I enjoyed.  I'm in a 14 day boot camp (following guidelines from the program) and today was only day 2.  I'm excited about it because of how wonderful I feel after SUCH short workouts and the even shorter back stretch that I'm striving to do at the beginning and end of my days.  There have already been some really pronounced (to me) changed/effects from it.  Love it!

Monday, November 28, 2011:  I'm thankful for a rough night's sleep which reveals to me how well I slept the few days before that!  :)

I'm grateful for my girls' improvements in self-accomplishment/self-motivation as a result of this token system the Lord brought into my life.  It's SUCH a blessing!  I'm so thankful for the exponentially increased statements I get to hear from my girls like, "You are the BEST Mama in the whole world!"  God is truly GOOD!!!

I'm grateful for my workout and back stretch time.  I feel so thankful for this exercise program in my life.  Truly blessed!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011:  I'm thankful for the blessing of Visiting Teaching!  I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to get to know some really wonderful women better.  I'm so thankful for the way the Lord provides for me!  ^_^  I'm grateful for the work Jessie did at our house while I was gone with Jimmy to a Visiting Teaching appointment!  I'm grateful for the great workout today.  (I'm on day 4 of this new "boot camp" I'm doing, which will last another 10 days.  It's not as difficult as I really expected.  YEAY!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011:  I'm thankful forquiet days at home.  I'm grateful for the whispers of the Holy Spirit, which remided me that we had 4H tonight.  I was able to put the final touches together for my first time conducting our meeting.  ^_^  I'm also thankful for another day of my wonderful workout.  Didn't sweat as much today, but I think that has more to do with the cold in the house than anything else.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Store Cans

I found a neat resource for storing cans, the ones you buy at the grocery store, if you have a lil' money to spend.  And I do mean a LITTLE.  Nice, right?

If you don't have any money, but you have some cardboard, I think you could still make one.  HERE is one example.  You can find full directions HERE and the diagram HERE!  ^_^  I'm hoping to try it out myself!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Week of November 17 - 23, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good day; mostly peaceful.  I'm grateful for many little jobs accomplished by Jessie during the time he was home today.  Things I could do, probably, but can't seem to get to because of all the other things I must do.  I'm grateful for his willingness to be helpful.

I'm grateful for the restfulness of most of the day.  I'm grateful for what Ria and I were able to accomplish on the patio tonight and what we hope to accomplish over the next few days or so.  I'm grateful for the amazing workout, with which I started my day.  I've ordered the full thing.  What I've been doing (today and yesterday) is only snippets on a website and YouTube... amazing workout in broken up pieces... I look forward to seeing what I will experience when I have them all together with complete understanding of HOW to do them!  I'll let you know what it is and how it's going after I've had a bit more experience with the real deal... hopefully it'll get here faster than the 7-10 business days!  *sigh*

I'm grateful for the opportunity and blessing of being able to help a friend with a haircut.  She has beautiful hair and trusted her long tresses in my hards.  I'm hopeful she continues to feel happy with it cause it was a joy to help her.  The payment which followed is a blessing, too, but hard to accept graciously because I just loved helping my friend so much!
I continue to feel grateful for the trial of a very painful breast slight case of Mastitis... slight because the fever is VERY low and I'm not flat on my back!).  I'm trying to be thankful in/for ALL things.  I'm not sure what I should learn from this particular trial, but I am trying to be thankful regardless.  :)

Friday, November 18, 2011:  I'm thankful for peaceful days.  I'm grateful my girls are happy to help me in many ways and even come to me saying, "What can I do for you?" and then following the completion of help they have provided saying, "You're the best Mom in the whole world!"  I'm SO grateful for the book the Lord sent into my life via one of my temple angels, which has helped to bring about this gift of good behavior and happy hearts!

I continue to be thankful for the amazing "secret" exercise I'm still doing via tidbits I've been able to piece together.  I may go back to Tamilee Webb tomorrow just for some variety, but look forward to receiving the full workouts I've ordered.  Early birthday present.  And since I haven't had one (cause I couldn't think of anything I'd actually like), the expense is really minimal... but a lot if I just look at the numbers.  *sigh*  I'm glad Jessie is happy to give me what I'd like to have.  It's rare enough that I actually desire any THING, that's for sure.  :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011:  I'm thankful for Saturdays; the special day, the day we get ready for Sunday.  :)  I'm grateful for an awesome workout with my "secret" find.  I've got the sweat running rivers down my body and I love it!  And in only a FEW minutes!!!!

I'm grateful for life, for my children and the amazing wonders that each of them are!

Sunday, November 20, 2011:  I'm thankful for a quiet morning at home with Ria and Jimmy while Tea, Kat, and Daddy went to church.  I'm not "glad" per se, that we were home, but we ended up having a very nice morning just the three of us.  By the end (only 3 hours because they missed most of Sacrament meeting), though, Ria and I were a bit lonely for the rest of the gang!

I'm grateful for the time and ability to make a nice family meal to eat upon their return.  And a pumpkin pie made from real pumpkin (baked and scraped by moi) to enjoy together after quiet time.

I'm grateful for the unexpected visit from the missionaries.  It was a really great visit and I have hope that Jessie is now acting on a "challenge" they/I made him to read more Bible at each reading.  Here's hoping!  ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011:  I'm thankful for children who try to behave well all the time.  They (as I) fail miserably at times, but they try SO hard.  I'm so grateful for them!

I'm thankful for a great short workout from my "secret" source.  ^_^  I look forward to receiving what I have ordered so I can get some experience with the actual workout and share what I've found if it's as wonderful as it already seems!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011:  I'm thankful for my brother Josh.  He was a bit of a pain in the neck when we were kids.  ;)  I was sorta jealous of his cocky confidence and lack of concern about the threats our parents made.. okay, truth: I was seriously jealous.  Fast Forward to now... I'm not jealous anymore.  I'm just happy for him!  He's become (and becoming) an amazing man who is an inspiration!  He is a really hard worker.  He is loving, kind and super helpful.  He is service oriented, obedient to the principles and precepts that matter most.  He is a righteous Priesthood holder and a strong Spiritual Leader, striving to be better, for his family and in his Ward.  He is a GOOD person always trying to be better.  I love him and want to say:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I hope it's a wonderful day for you and yours!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011:  I'm thankful for a relaxing and productive day.  I was so busy from morn until night that I didn't get my exercises in.  It's been more difficult, too, since I stopped just leaving Jimmy with Jess.  I'm going to ask him to step back in as baby-care provider so I can get the sweat flowin' again.  I definitely need it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Week of December 15 - , 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011:  I'm thankful for a hubby who will do the grocery shopping when either I and/or the kiddos are ill.  I'm grateful for my "secret" workout and the bits I do to start and end my day, which help so much!  I'm grateful that we have a little money to spend for Christmas and hopeful that I'll be able to get out and do some Thrift Store shopping SOON.  (I was planning to do some today, but ended up sick instead.)  I'm grateful for Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation and Happiness and for my growing understanding of His Ways!  God is AWESOME!

Friday, December 16, 2011:  I'm thankful for my birthday.  It was a peaceful day spent with my family.  Jessie even had the evening off (we thought we would be going to my Church Social, but since the kiddos and I were sick, we stayed home).  I'm grateful for 36 years in this beautiful life.

Saturday, December 17, 2011:  I'm thankful for a restful day at home in which to heal.

Sunday, December 18, 2011:  I'm thankful for another restful day at home.  I'm grateful for this time to realize how much nicer it is to be well.  ^_^

Monday, December 19, 2011:  I'm thankful for returning health.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011:  I'm thankful for the time we were able to spend as a family as well as the opportunity I was able to go Visiting Teaching with only JMy in tow.  I enjoy the decreased responsibility for 2 hours.  I sure love coming home to my sweet girls after the time away!  There are some who have made it known that they think I'm a little bit nuts, but I miss them if I'm gone for 2 hours or more!  I'm so very VERY grateful for the Mother-heart our Lord is blessing into me!!!  It's such a change and SUCH a joyous one!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011:  I'm thankful for the opportunity to go Christmas shopping with help from my Ward.  We were blessed with some gift certificates and I was able to get each of our girls the one thing they asked for (and a little more)!  ^_^  God is SO good to us!  Even amid the trials, which, lest you think they are absent, I declare have been coming hard and fast and thick and heavy... even amid them God is mindful, He is providing, and even IN the trials He blesses me and mine.  I'm SO grateful!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pride; the most insidious of sins

I really believe Pride is the root of all evil.  It shoots out all kinds of different sins, but if you look back to where the sin came from, it seems like Pride is always at the root of the problems.

Misfit Cignet is one of the blogs I read pretty regularly.  She's written some really thought provoking posts and the one I read most recently is, to me, all about Pride.  In it, she's actually writing about all the ways that we may, as humans, try to DO things that are righteous for those in observation of us to see and notice our righteousness.  See, it's all about pride.

Anyway... I've been thinking about her post, and about pride generally, a lot and seeing problems with pride in little things.  Yet even though they may be "little" the problem is still there; and so I must get back to business and so some weeding.  I've thought, off and on, that I don't have to worry about pride; "I've got that handled now," I might think for a day or so.  But then I only have only to hear a talk, read a Christ-centered blog post, read an Ensign article or some other God-focused, Christ-centered something and I realize that I DO have more to work on.  The problem area may require me to dig a little deeper to see the insidious blackness of Pride on my soul, which I haven't yet weeded out.

And so it is never ending.  Thankfully, the Lord is Love and desires me; in all my weakness!  Bless His Holy Name for wanting a sinner such as I am!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Making Soap

So, I've been making our laundry soap again for the past few weeks.  Instead of doing a liquid soap, I've gone to making it dry.  It's much more time efficient for me and I like using it this way, too.  I was worried, I must admit, that I might have clumping problems or something similar, because we don't have hot water to our washing machine, but no such problems have come about.  YEAY! 

As I've been using my MOSTLY homemade laundry detergent, I've wondered how much more enjoyable I might feel the accomplishment if I'd produced the soap for my laundry detergent.  I've wanted to make homemade bar soap for a while, but hever had all the equipment and got stuck there.  No equipment = no project realization.  Well, this is still a reality, but I've begun to invest in what I don't have, but need, to make bar soap at home.  My first investment purchase is lye.  I do hope, some day, to try my hand at making my own lye from hard wood ash... but I think that experiment is best saved for a day when more of my little ones are not quite so little!  :)  So, I've purchased some lye.  Along with the purchase, I've become an affiliate for the company that sells the lye I've purchased (which is food grade, so I could also make pretzels and bagels with it! Those should be some exciting experiments! ^_^).  So, if you have a desire to venture into the world of soap-making, not just melting and molding premade soaps, I hope you'll purchase the lye you'll need via my Affiliate banner!  :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of November 10 - 16, 2011

Thursday, Novemeber10, 2011:  I'm thankful for the short workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb this morning.  I've decided I'm not going to feel too baddly about missing yesterday because one of the Apostles in the New Testament (I believe it was Paul) basically said we shouldn't spend too much time exercising...  I'm not spending TOO much time, thankfully.  But I missed yesterday because of our temple trip and, I think, that is truly more important in the long-term scheme of things!  :)

I'm grateful for all that I've been able to accomplish today.  I'm grateful Jessie was willing to go on a Daddy-daughter date with Kat instead of what we'd previously discussed.  She LOVED it!!  I'm grateful he went, for that date, out to pick up some papers I needed and dropped some mail for me.  SO much more was accomplished this way than I could've done on my own!

Friday, November 11, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good workout with Tamilee Webb.  Short, but great.

I'm thankful for a quiet day at home in which I felt restful and happy.  Ria and I worked on some crochet class.  I got some calling and emailing done for my Calling.  I read some of my most recent study books.  Jimmy stayed busy and happy, crawling around, napping, giggling... after the scare on Tuesday, I'm just happy he's here.  ^_^

Saturday, November 12, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good short workout with Tamilee Webb.

I'm grateful for a restful Saturday.  I'm happy and thankful that Jimmy seems to be doing better (seemed like he was getting the cold stuff back) after a long nap.  And I'm feeling better, too (felt poorly upon waking up this morning, but better after napping a little with him).

Sunday, November 13, 2011:  I'm thankful for great talks at church!  They were especially wonderful to me... Bro. Larson's talk in particular.

Monday, November 14, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good workout with Tamilee Webb.  I'm grateful for a smooth delivery of collected foods (representing much service by Ria, others, and me) for a funeral AND for an easy drop-off of cookies made by Ria for a dear friend.  I'm grateful for the rest I partook of while Jimmy napped.  I've been more tired lately and hoping I can just stay WELL.  Too much to do to be ill.

Tuesday, November15, 2011:  I'm thankful for a short workout with Tamilee Webb.  I'm grateful Jessie was willing and able to do lots of errands as a Daddy-daughter date with Ria.  Kat and Tea each got turns in the last couple weeks.  Ria was SO excited for hers.  And EXTRA excited when she heard about all they would be doing, which she knew meant she'd get an extra long date!  So sweet!

I'm grateful for the opportunity to enjoy hearing and observing how well Kat and Tea enjoy time together.  I'm grateful for Jimmy's independence and dependence.  He sure is growing up and SO busy when he's not tired!  :)

I'm thankful for my Visiting Teachers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011:  I'm thankful for the amazing workout I did this morning.  I believe the Lord took me on another "walkabout" in the internet last night, which culminated in finding a new workout.  There are very few snippets available online, but I did all of them this morning.  The total was around 12 minutes, I think, and I was sweating rivers!  AMAZING!  I'll share WHAT if I continue to experience these workouts in this way.  :)

I'm thankful Jessie was home today.  I awoke with a VERY tender breast and feeling slightly woozy in my head.  I'm grateful he was home so I could rest a bit more than usual this morning and then exercise without worrying about Jimmy.  I'm hoping the exercise will help my body heal faster than it otherwise might.  I'm grateful for this newest difficulty.  I'm certain it is here to teach me something about myself or life... Hopefully I'll understand the lesson!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Week of December 8 - 14, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011:  I'm thankful for electric ovens.  We are so blessed with such conveniences that our forebearers did not have!

I'm thankful for the blessing of friends with whom to celebrate.  I'm so very happy for a sweet family who has been able to adopt a baby (their first) and the wonderful celebration we all enjoyed because of their new addition.

I'm thankful for my great workout, which I can fit in right before things and still have time for a shower!  I love it.  I'm going to increase my time to the 45 minute workout in a few weeks.  Feeling sort of nervous about that, but I'm absolutely sure I'll be able to get quite fit and strong in the time I desire with the increased sweat time.  ^_^

Today was weigh-in and measurements day!  I've lost another 5.5 inches.  That brings me up to 12 and 3/4 inches lost.  I went down 1 pound on the scale, too.  One pound may not seem like that much, BUT I am nursing VERY often and still JMy's primary source of nourishment... and he is an ACTIVE bubby!  So, I'm quite okay with slow pounds loss, as long as the inches continue to show improvement (shrinkage).  ^_^

Friday, December 9, 2011:  I'm thankful for lunch dates and the gift of getting to know a neat person better.  I'm grateful she enjoys my children!  I was able to bring Jessie a McRib sandwich, probably one of his favorite foods; since we got to eat there, he should.  Right?

I'm thankful for quiet times at home!

I finished my 14 day boot-camp today.  YEAY!  And it wasn't too difficult and the results... AWESOME!  My Ria wrapped her arms around me and declared in surprise, "You've shrunk, Mama!  My hands can almost touch and they used to be really far apart!"  heeheehee  I SO look forward to the day that she will grab hands around me and I know that day is not far away.  ^_^

Saturday, December 10, 2011:  I'm thankful for quiet days at home.  I'm grateful for thoughtful gifts from neighbors.  I'm grateful for surprise visits from friends at just the right time.  I was stressed about something and their visit helped me relax quite a lot.  I'm grateful for my sweet children and their big hearts and desire to help.

Sunday, December 11, 2011:  I'm thankful for the gift and blessing of being a Visiting Teacher.  I got to help one of my sweet sisters today!  I'm so HAPPY to be able to help!!!

I'm grateful for Sabbath days; nourishment via the bread that never molds and the fountain of pure water that truly quenches thirst!; time to read commentaries on an unfamiliar to most parable; and time to study some of Revelations.  WHAT an amazing book of Scripture!

I continue to feel so grateful for the gift and blessing of the amazing workout I'm enjoying.  I'm in my every-other-day of it now.

Monday, December 12, 2011:  I'm thankful for good days to accomplish little things and enjoy a missionary departure open-house and the opportunity to teach my girls to celebrate things even though they may repeat innumerable times; but to find the wonder and magic in each time.  The joy of living and being a Mama! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011:  I'm thankful for temple trips.  I'm so grateful Jessie takes time from work and other possible activities to go so our whole family can be together... AND let me go inside for a bit.

I'm grateful for the fever and cough Kat has come down with after our trip.  Not sure what I'm thankful for yet, but from every trouble there is always something good that comes along with or soon after it.  Even illness.  I certainly wouldn't plan for her to GET sick, but trying to be grateful when it comes around somehow makes it easier to bear when it does.

I'm thankful for friends and good conversations.

I'm thankful for the wonderful exercise program I've been working with.  It's awesome and continues to bless my life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011:  I'm thankful for Visiting Teachers!  On of my Visiting Teacher came to visit this morning and what a pleasure!  I'm so grateful to them for taking time out of their lives to spend with me!

I continue to feel grateful for the workout program the Lord led me to and the effects it is bringing to my body and mind!  I get to take my measurements and weigh myself tomorrow.  :)  I've never been quite so excited about such things.  I started to do the tummy exercises since the last time, so I'm guessing it's made some difference (Ria has certainly said it has).  ^_^

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of November 3 - 9, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011:  I'm thankful for a short workout with Tamilee Webb.  I "slept in" until 8am this morning and couldn't make room for a longer workout, but enjoyed what I could do.

I'm grateful for time at home to get things in order and enable my sick-y kiddos to get some rest.

Friday, November 4, 2011:  I'm thankful for another short workout with Tamilee Webb.  I'm seeing a trend.  Jess had to go to work earlier than normal, so I had to rush through my workout.  *sigh*  Life is getting in the way.  I'm beginning to see the truth of what Sage told me a few years ago, "You just have to get it in before the kids wake up, or there's no way to get it in." She was referring to exercise (her choice was running) and now I'm beginning to understand how she truly IS her name in yet another way.

I'm grateful for another quiet day at home.  Hopefully the rest the children are getting will enable them to overcome this cold/snotty nose/cough stuff.  It's old already.

Saturday, November 5, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout, though again short, with Tamilee Webb.  I was in bed later than normal because of feeling cruddy.  My head was stuffy and feel VERY sluggish.  Jess was off to work before 6am this morning.  That is getting old, too!  I'm thankful that he has a joy, but not happy that the hours are still up over 70 per week.  grrr  The girls are starting to behave in ways that reveal their need for Daddy-time.

I'm grateful for quiet time!  I was able to rest and nap during quiet time today and felt mildly improved upon getting up.  I'm grateful Tea, Jimmy, and Kat actually slept some during quiet time today!  I needed the down time!

Sunday, November 6, 2011:  I'm thankful for the dimished headache I woke up with.  The less pain enabled me to prepared food that needed fixin.  I'm also grateful for Jessie's willingness to take Ria and Kat to church while Jimmy, Tea, and I stayed home feeling crummy.

Monday, November 7, 2011:  I'm thankful for the good workout with Tamilee Webb.  Unfortunately just the 20 minute-er... but still sweaty, so that's good.  This begins my 11th week of exercising 6 days of the week... I'm SO trying to keep this momentum going.  I know I cannot on my own, so I give Glory to God for supporting me and enabling me in this worthy effort.  I KNOW ALL good comes of Him!!!  Praise God for His Love and Enabling power!

I'm grateful for the gift of time at home.  It's such a blessing to have time to spend working on the things that always need to be done around here.

I'm gloriously pleased and happy AND oh, SO thankful for a small mercy and blessing:  the laundry has now been caught up and quite orderly for more than three weeks!  I'm excited about this small thing because Jimmy isn't even 8 months old and it is where it is.  This is NOT normal for me.  In the past, my earliest at getting THAT managed after a baby joined our family was around a year!!  So... the fact that it has been in order for the whole month of his 7th month with us... pretty spectacular.  Just so you know what is so great to me, I'll specify: laundry is washed and put away daily.  This means, to me, that there is nothing on the floor of the laundry room when I go to bed at night.  Of course, Jessie's work clothes end up there, but that's after I'm in bed for the night.  I allow whites to remain in a basket and still count my job "caught up" because it #1 it takes a WHILE before just whites grow to be a enough to make a load and #2 when they are clean, it's mostly my "underwear" and Jessie's socks which comprise this part of the laudry and those are a huge deal if they are wrinkly.  ^_^  So, I'm really happy about this!!!  Rejoice with me over this small miracle and mercy!  I hope you will!!  ^_^

Tuesday, November 8, 2011:  I'm thankful for the good workout with Tamilee Webb.  Another short one, but got the sweat rollin!  ^_^

I'm grateful for the blessing of gardening with a friend!  It's been such a blessing in my life to have this time to serve once each week for a few weeks now.  :)

I'm grateful for trials which show me who I reall am and how far I really need to go... And I'm especially thankful for miracles.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011:  I'm thankful for the family temple trip we enjoyed today.  I'm grateful Jessie went even though he was feeling poorly and enabled me to go in for a few minutes to put names on the prayer rolls.  Even just a few minutes in the temple is wonderful!  And my children got to spend a few minutes in the temple with me, as per our usual (to go to the restroom).

I'm sorry to report that I did not work out today.  So, I must end my count at 10 weeks straight of exercising 6 days of the week.  I'll still exercise tomorrow through Saturday, all things remaining equal.  Just have to start at 1 on Monday.  *sigh*

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I didn't get to go to church today because of illness among us.  So, instead of going up in front of my Ward Family, I'm going to bear/share my testimony here.  :)

I know God lives and loves me, and you, and everyone... and loves us all the same... for being just who we are.  I know that Heavenly Father is truly the Father of my Spirit, and your Spirit, and everyone here on earth who has a Spirit.  I know that He loves us simiarly to, just WAY more than, the way I love my children. 

When I was pregnant with Ria I didn't "feel" love for her... not really.  I was excited, nervous, even scared.  But I didn't FEEL love for her.  I didn't even know she was a she until she was born (we're funny like that... no checking on gender in utero, thank you! ^_^).  But as soon as she was born I knew I was in love forever!  You see, I was absolutely sure that I would be horribly dissappointed if I had a girl instead of the boy I thought I wanted; I would cry.  Well, I didn't cry a single tear after Ria was born.  Not a tear of disappointment, not a tear of joy... not a single tear.  But I did feel this amazing and full-to-the-top-and-bustin-over feeling of elation.  I found that the little person I'd been growing was a girl and I was full and overflowing with JOY!  Pure, unadulterated JOY and LOVE.  I knew that she was perfect and that I couldn't have loved a boy more than I loved who I had.  And that, my friends, is only a fraction of the way God loves us!  How AMAZING!!!  If you haven't had a child, I cannot convey to you how amazing and wonderful this is.  If you have... well, you know it!  :)  What a gift to be loved Perfectly MORE than THAT by our Father in Heaven, right!!?

And no matter what my Ria does... sure I get frustrated and feel disappointed and even angry at times (I'm imperfect!)... but no matter what she does (or Kat, or Tea, or Jimmy, or anyone else who may join our family)... no matter WHAT, I'm always going to love her/them!  How could I stop?  I love them just because!  I mean, as soon as they came forth out of my body I was in love!  And this amazing feeling has helped me understand the truth of the phrase in the Bible that says, "and we love him because he first loved us (though this is probably not a perfect quotation)."  My children love me because I first love them... so similar to God's Love for us... yet SO much less.  It's awesome, though, isn't it!??

So, I know that Heavenly Father is the literal Father of our Spirits.  I know a tiny fraction of how He loves me.  I do not yet comprehend, though, the magnitude of His sacrifice in allowing Jesus Christ to fulfill His purpose in the Atonement.  I cannot imagine having to leave my child (ANY of them) when they are in the most gruelingly painful part of their life....  But God did that for us.  He allowed and enabled Christ to fulfill the Atonement so that we may be One.  So that we may return to His presence to live for eternity.  What an awesome and amazing gift!  I can think it, but I cannot understand!  God so love us....

I'm grateful for the Atonement.  I have committed some doozies... I am a horrible sinner.  But Heavenly Father is always there for me... for us.  No matter what we do.  He loves us and is willing and ready to allow the Atonement to clean us of our stain.  What a tremendous gift and blessing!  I'm so grateful.  I'm SO grateful to KNOW it!!!!

Heavenly Father has restored the fullness of the Gospel of Christ on the earth today.  The Apostacy foretold by the Apostles in the Bible occurred.  The fulness of Christ's Gospel (including Priesthood authority) was removed from the earth.  Joseph Smith was the instrument through whom God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ restored the fullness of the Gospel of Christ to the earth.  We are blessed to live in a day when we have the Bible so easily accessible; so readily available.  AND we have the Book of Mormon to confirm the truths in it... we are not reliant upon man's interpretation (which could go in SO many directions) of the Bible alone.  The Book of Mormon adds another witness to the truths taught us and available to us in the Bible.  What a gift!  It is true!  It testifies of Jesus Christ, born in Bethlahem to Mary.  Joseph acted as his mortal father, but God was and is the Father of His Spirit AND body!  God has said by the mouth of two or three witnesses He will establish His truth.  So, it makes perfect sense to me that He would use the words from prophets originating in two totally seperate peoples (but of the same house, originating from the same people of the Covenant) to verify what He would have us know.  And what a gift and blessing it is to see how totally true it is that He is the same and speaks the same truths regardless of WHERE the people are to whom He speaks!

I'm grateful for the knowledge I have been blessed with about Christ's Gospel.  I'm grateful for the Grace Father God has given me which enables me to do all that I do which is right.  I'm grateful to know the truth about the duality and Oneness of God the Father and Jesus Christ... and to know that the Holy Ghost is a part, yet not, of the God head.  I'm so grateful for the witness of the Holy Spirit that I have felt about all these truths and continue to feel about other aspects of truth associated with the Gospel of Christ as taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  I'm so grateful for God's Love.  I'm so grateful for the Atonement our Savior made for me... for you... for us!  I'm SO grateful!

I share this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food Storage Analyzer

Although I haven't written about my desire and efforts toward food storage recently, I do still have great desire to build a strong food storage program for my family.  We are NOT there yet.  Winning the Traditional Year Supply  of 2000 calories for one person certainly gave a huge lift to my hopes that we might be able to get all we need gathered together.  With that great gift of winning that contest, I've thought that we might be around 2 months of food storage for our family of 6.  This was not based on anything... just a guess.

Well, guessing is no longer necessary because Emergency Essentials has a food storage caluclator!  It's really easy to use, though maybe a little time consuming if we're not pretty sure of what we have for food storage.  If you have a list of all you have in your food storage, it will be a lot easier for you to use this tool.  Even if you have to devote some time to it, though, I think the time you spend will be a good investment.  It's rather comforting to see where we stand, as far as the coloric intake for our family which is stored, in our food storage program.

The only real drawback (other than potential time investment; if that's a drawback) is that there is no way to alter the calory counter part for each individual in your family.  This is NOT that big a deal to my way of thinking, though.  For instance, based on the Calorie Counter I found via a quick Google search, Ria would need right under 1700 calories per day... so, an extra 300... well, I think that's negligible AND who wouldn't want to be OVERprepared by any amount, anyway?!?  :)
I recommend this tool.  Let me know what you think of it after you give it a try!  :)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of October 27 - November 2, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011:  I'm thankful for the good workout I enjoyed with Kathy Smith.  Not as much sweat as my best, but got some goin'.  ^_^

I'm grateful for the Host Parents I'm able to work with in my job with ICES.  They are wonderful and generous and I'm so grateful that they are working so hard with our students and giving so generously of their lives!

I'm grateful for 4H!  Ria LOVES it and I love it when it's at my house.  That extra push to get things a little more orderly is such a blessing in my life!  I've missed having it here the last few weeks!

Friday, October 28, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good sweaty workout with Susan Powter (and I added in weights).  Got nice and sweaty... earliest wake up day in a while today: right before 6am!  :)

Happy BIRTHDAY to one of my ICES Exchange Students!  I hope it's a great day for Ida!

Saturday, October 29, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Tamilee Webb this morning.  Did only one of the vedeos (normally do two), but still got a little sweaty.  Nice.  :)

I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to meet with my two ICES Foreign Exchange students.  It was a pleasure to see them in real life again and hear about all they are doing.  What a blessing to get to know them a little better.

I'm grateful for the Harvest Festival/Trunk or Treat party this afternoon.  Jess prepared three pigs at his work (THANKS TO Mr. SAM for donating space in his smokers, which includes the woods chips and energy to smoke them AND was willing to donate the seasonings and spices in the rub on the pigs, but which we not much used because the pigs were of such high quality!!!).  We enjoyed that meat at the Harvest Festival/Trunk'R Treat.  What a tremendous and unigue part of a pot luck meal!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011:  I'm thankful for church.  I'm thankful for lunch, which was mostly prepared by Jess.  I'm thankful for baptisms and my Ria's great desire to prepare for hers by attending others' special days!  I'm thankful I was able to get to sleep really early for me and sleep well through the night.

Monday, October 31, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good workout with Tamilee Webb.  Another 'only' 20 minute-er, but still very good.  Jimmy was awake and crying.  Must answer or Daddy becomes unhappy.

I'm grateful for days to be at home, learn, pay bills, make plans, and maybe... DARE I hope... do some decorative painting I wanna do for my home to feel more like what I want it to be... not so cold and un-me.  :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good 1.5 workouts with Tamilee Webb.  (the .5 comes from the last video on my VHS tape ending mid-way in because the tape ran out)  GOOD sweat on today.

I'm grateful for the blessing of and opportunity to garden with a friend today.  Working in her yard helps me feel more motivated to work in my own!  And spending time in service always provides a nigh on magical uplift for the rest of the day.  God is MAGNIFICENT in the way He has put together this amazing system of Love, Faith, and Hope!  :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011:  I'm thankful for a good, albeit short, workout with Tamilee Webb.  I woke up later than I have since I switched to first-thing-in-the-morning workouts... 8am!  So, not eough time for a double workout.  ahwell... Still got sweaty.  :)

I'm grateful for the blessing of our little 4H group.  It's a gift to me in two ways.  1: the girls look forward to their friends coming over very much and enjoy the visitors.  2: I look forward to having friends and their children over and feel just a tab bit more motivated, so am able to get the house a little bit more orderly than I get it EVERY day.  So... it's easier to get there because it's happening every week AT LEAST once!  ^_^  LOVE it!  We made wonderful spiders on a stick tonight.  A great addition to the Fairy Garden project I have in mind for my girls.  Since we already have a "visiting fairy" anyway... we might as well develop a garden area for her!  ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So, if you read my TT posts each week, you already know I've been working in my yard.  But I really haven't posted about it as much as I 'could' because I've been too busy and caught up in other things to post much more than the TT.  I'm thinking about changing that for a little while, at least.

I've got one SFG that is up and going.  It's got HUGE cucumber, pumpkin, zuchinni, radishes, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes growing now.  I'm hoping so much for good produce from these plants.  It is QUITE easy to grow big and green plants (at least for me), here in FL.  The challenge is getting anything to complete the growing cycle and nourish my family.  This is really only my third try... and the second wasn't much of a try.  But still.  It can get discouraging to have all that lovely green and nothing above the ground to eat.

For whatever reason, I'm also successful at growing root crops.  This past success gives me great hope for the garlic I've already got growing in half-barrels (given to me a few weeks ago).  I also started another bed.  I don't have the surround material I would prefer, so I've just got some boundary wood to outline the area.  So far I've got one big load of manure and a couple bags of leaves spread out in there.

Those leaves were a story.  Apparently I was wrong when I told my Sister and her Husband that the fire ants down here do NOT all bite at the same time.  They do.  I discovered this after I dropped a bag of leaves into the bed and found lots of specks on my shirt.  Upon closer investigation, I realized that the specks were ants.  All biting me in concert.  Thankfully it was really my shirt, not ME.  But still.  Alarming realization!

In addition to this work in my existing and to create a new food garden bed, I've also been working on weeding in my driveway and a front garden area.  The driveway is barely discernable as such because of all the weeds/grass growing on/in it.  :(  The progress is REALLY slow and because I've not been as diligent as I should, new weeds are coming up where I've previously cleared weeds out.  This is definitely going to challenge laundry for the title of "most difficult and never-ending task"!!!!  Seriously.  But... it's enjoyable work that I can do while the children run around and play... all except Jimmy who sits and/or crawls around eating rocks, leaves, dirt, and grass.  He is DEFINITELY a boy!  :)

The front garden area already has a gardenia bush, two full-size rose plants, one mini-rose plant, and two annoying little trees.  I'm going to dig those up shortly.  I just don't like them and they are prickly in an unavoidable sort of way... not good for kiddos around.  I've only got one little area started there.  My goal and dream for that area is to plant all kinda of edible flowers.  To this point, the only things I plan on planting will be edible and medicinal plants.  I'm VERY excited about this plan and hope it will come together over the next couple years.  The seed purchasing is the difficult part.  Time I have.  Money... not so much.  So, I'm leaving it to the Lord.  :)

I'm planning to update here with my progress in my garden more regularly.  It's going to be an adventure.  I hope you'll enjoy hearing about it.  And, someday... there will hopefully be some pictures to help you see my words more clearly!  :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What If...

What if...

What if life is a test?

What if God is with us every step?

What if change is the path to Godliness?

What if pain is simply a fire on the way to purity?

What if suffering is necessary to understand who God truly is?

What if torment is merely a synaptical firing in the brain that I can choose to ignore?

What if being broken enables Larger Hands to create what was meant to be in the first place?

What if becoming who we are meant to be means leaving behind who we already thing we are?

What if drowning in despair opens eyes and unstops ears and births a new-to-Spirit being?

What if struggle is really the point because THAT is what will make us strong enough?

What if relationships are all that really matter in this experience we call life?

What if knowledge is the only thing we can take with us to the next?

What if endings are merely doorways into new beginnings?

What if hopes must die to birth the truth?

What if I had to end to be His?

What if...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of October 20 - 26, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011:  I'm thankful for the wonderful workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  My legs were still a little achey from yesterday's workout with her and today they are wound even tighter!  What a tremendous workout!  Tighter Assets... I'm hoping it comes (the title to reality).  ^_^

I'm grateful for the amazing planning of our Father in Heaven that goes into the smallest details.  A friend of mine thought about bringing over some groceries to me and my lil' family on Wednesday night after she found out we'd been feeling ill.  The gift would've been wonderful, but under the circumstances, it is even more awesome.  You see, last night I was trying to get together an extended meal plan using all of the items in our pantry that I could so that I could try NOT to go grocery shopping until November 1st.  This is a big deal because I've never EVER been good at seeing "bare-looking" shelves or cupboards.  Why should I need to?  Well, because it's important to be able to do difficult things.  So, planning out meals for more than a week AND seeing bare shelves... well, I just felt like I should be doing it.  Also, I'm trying to "catch up" in a way financially.  I've been spending the money from each paycheck on various parts of our budget, including food.  Well, this makes me uncomfortable.  I'd prefer to spend last week's income on this week's groceries.  If that makes sense.  Really, I'd rather have money on hand from way back to pay for it... but I'm working on baby steps here.  And, although it may not seem like it to many, it's a good step for me/us.

Anyway... I completed the just more than 2 weeks of meal plans this morning.  And then my friend brings more groceries that I often buy for a week... and DEFINITELY more meat items!!!  Especially since I'm trying to move our family toward eating more in accordance with the Word of Wisdom, I think these groceries will last quite a while!  And even if we end up going through them quickly... it's SUCH a blessing to have a full freezer and fewer empty-looking shelves!  My friend has blessed us and I'm SURE she was inspired of the Lord to do it and able to do it when she did because the Lord wanted me to complete the exercise I was working on in creating the extended meal plan.  God IS Great!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011:  I'm thankful for the Yoga workout I was able to complete this morning.  I needed that stretch!

I'm grateful for the time I was able to spend at home.  I was working much of the morning on ICES calls.  Then I started working on a meal to bring to a friend.  Thankfully she and her family enjoyed it!  I was worried as it's one of our more plain meals.  She's a doll... I shouldn't have worried.  ^_^

I'm glad I was able to stop by and see someone I hadn't seen since I was out in her neck of the woods.  I'm also glad we got home pretty early and we were all in bed right around "on time" too!  YEAY!

Saturday, October 22, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Tamilee Webb this morning.  Today completed 8 weeks, I think... of exercising 6 days each week.  Here I come, week 9!  ^_^

I'm grateful for ALL we were able to accomplish today!  Went out to buy chicken and rabbit feed, stopped by to see Jess at work, went home and had lunch, worked out front on some weeding in the "flower garden" area around the front door.  It should be a flower garden, but mostly it's weeds, a gardenia bush, two large rose bushes, and one mini rose bush.  Hopefully it'll look VERY different by this time next year!  I have great plans!!  ;)  After a visit with Mr. Glenn (during which we found out he'd been in the hospital for a week!), we moved to the back yard to work on establishing a new garden bed and planting some lettuce seeds we just received in the mail the other day.  We have SUCH plans!!!  We're not just planning, though.  We're also working, and praying, and hopefully we'll get MUCH produce from our efforts!

Sunday, October 23, 2011:  I'm thankful for the Primary Program!  The girls (Ria and Kat) LOVE Primary and enjoyed participating in the Sacrament Meeting Primary Program today.  This is a special once-per-year event.  My girls were asked to recite two verses (1 Corinthians 3: 16-17) together, as well as answer the questions which comprised the whole program.  They did wonderfully well.  They are a joy.  I'm so glad they love the Lord SO much!  I'm thankful for a quiet compliment given when someone asked how much weight I'd lost so far.  It's nice to feel that it's visible.  I'm very thankful for a quiet day at home.

Monday, October 24, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  When I have some money to spend on me (some day... maybe?)  I'm going to see about buying her "Tighter Assets" videos.  I recorded some of this type a number of years ago when we got TV stations and they are AWESOME.  However, they are only 18-20 minutes long and I have to do 2 to feel like I got my workout on (read: the sweat really starts pouring by the beginning of the second one).  Today begins week NINE of exercising 6 days each week!  I can hardly believe it.  Each time Monday arrives I'm amazed that I'm one number higher in this goal/effort.  It doesn't feel like so much!!!

I'm grateful for a quiet day at home with FHE at Gramy and Gramy's house tonight.  Life is good.  I'm so grateful for it and for my family!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011:  I'm thankful for my third daughter, Therisa!  Tea turned 3 today!  She's been saying she was 3 for almost all of her 2 year... I think, though, she's quite okay with being three, now.  :)  This lil' gal is quite a character.  She is the developer of the "Tea Lip," which is reminiscent of the Elvis lip curl, if you can imagine THAT on a sweet cherub looking little girls face with a bob hair cut... well, then, that's my Tea.  She is SMART.  She LOVES to learn and constantly asks to do her "reading class" and what's most impressive to me about that is that she seems to truly understand the difference between the "M" and "S" sounds now!  It should be interesting to see if she's my earliest reader.  So far both Ria and Kat have been strong readers at 4 years old... Tea could totally be where they've been at 4 THIS YEAR, if she keeps on like she has been...  Oh, AND I'm able to sit with her as much as she would like!  ;)  She is an amazing helper when she's motivated.  She LOVES to eat... so when she sees that a meal is just about ready, she does something neither Kat nor Ria have done: she determines to get the eating utensils and places them at the correct places for each person to eat.  And, YES!, she does put enough out for each of us!  She's a DOLL, I tell you!  :)  And SO smart!  ^_^  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Tea-D!!!!  This Mama LOVES you!!!

I'm grateful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb this morning.  It was quite good.  I'm grateful for the gift and blessing of being able to garden with a friend.  We got her oasis nicely weeded... keeping the small growth under control.  :)  I look forward to working with her again next week!  I'm grateful for the time our "adoptive" Gramy and Grampy came to spend with us for Tea's birthday meal and treat.  We're instituting a new Family Tradion with regard to birthdays.  We've been doing the birthday meal: choice of the birthday kid.  But now we're adding a change.  Instead of birthday cake and ice cream, we're doing a special birthday treat.  It could be most anything, really.  Today, for instance, we had butterbear a la Harry Potter-style.  It was YUM.  And SUCH a hit that the birthday treat tradition was a SUPER easy sell!  We may (probably will) have cake and ice cream for/at the 4 year birthday parties (we have a big party every 4 years until each child is 16, then have them at 18 and 21, too).  :)  I do NOT feel stressed by birthdays the way other Mothers do.  I love LOVE love them!

I'm grateful for the GOOD time we all enjoyed peacefully in our home before Jess went to work.  I'm grateful for the good quiet time the girls had and the GOOD evening we all enjoyed.  Life is GOOD!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  Got my sweat on... YEAY!  ^_^

I'm grateful for the opportunity to Visit Teach a sister who is "new" on my route!  She is wonderful!!!  I already knew it, but it's lovely to realize new ways she's wonderful.  ^_^  I'm grateful for gifts from loving friends and loans from other loving individuals!  Jimmy will be a squirrel for Halloween.  Jessie is just tickled about that!  Can't you just imagine?  Baby as squirrel, Jessie as hunter... since he does hunt and fix up squirell for us to eat...  hehehehe  ^_^

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I just wanted to share this post by an amazing blogger.  This particular post has impacted me deeply (over the last 4-5 months).  I hope you enjoy it.  It's all about a little prophetess.  :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of October 13 - 19, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011:  I'm thankful for the blesing of being able to exercise with Kathy Smith even though Jimmy woke up.  Jessie kept him entertained, which enabled me a more peaceful workout than has become normal.  YEAY for blessings!

I'm thankful for the gift and blessing of the opportunity to be of service to the dear Sister in my Ward who must remain sedate (not her natural state) due to breaking her foot.  She allowed me to schedule a few other ladies to work together in her garden again.  We got her food garden weeded and planted up and lookin GOOD!  What a pleasure.  After last time, I did not make time to complete the similar tasks that need to be done at my house, but as a result of promptings I heard that went a little something like, "You can make time for her, this is good, but you must make time for you and your family.  This is needful.  You must provide for your family where you provide for others or your sacrifice is not appropriate."

SOOooooo... NOT only did it feel once again "SO good to do weeding with friends for this friend in need," but I also spent a good deal of time in my yard at home.  I took care of some rabbit maintainance, ran off to do Visiting Teaching (she wasn't there, but still went!), went back to gardening, but at my place this time to weed and thin, began working on fire ant termination with boiling water.... I just got SO much done today!!!  I'm SO grateful for the gift and blessing of service and the inspiration and determination that my work for my sweet Sister has increased (with nudges from Father God, of course) to do for myself and my own, too!!!  God is AMAZING!  I'm so grateful I get to go back and spend time with this Sister again and work in another part of her yard on a seed garden (for seed saving).  What a gift and blessing to have this continued source of inspiration for work I need to do here, too!  ^_^

Friday, October 14, 2011:  I'm thankful for the exercise time doing my longer Yoga video first thing this morning.  Jimmy woke up and Jessie covered that base, which was wonderful.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to Visit Teach my friend I missed yesterday, today!  I'm so happy and thankful that she suggested some service I might do for her AND that I was available and able to do it!  What a joy to serve such an amazing and wonderful Sister!!!  I'm SO thankful that she asked me!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011:  I'm thankful for the gift and blessing of being able to exercise without a fussy Jimmy (Jess has been consistently caring for our baby when Jimmy wakes up in the morning).  I worked out with Gilad this morning.  An older video (actually on a tape), but still a good workout.  And I need/want/desire new workouts, so it fits the bill.  :)

I'm grateful for the invitation to participate in the sealing of a friend of mine.  Unfortunately, there was no way for Jessie to get any part of the day off today due to catering he wasn't aware of until only a few days ago.... but I went with the girls and Jimmy and spent time just hanging out on the temple grounds.  Met a lovely man with his son, both of whom are Michaels... Mazur, I think... a Persian last name whatever it was.  Quite neat.  And he was just a lovely man.  I was able to chat with Brother Pulver and his son Shay, too, since his wife was in with our friend.  The girls ran around on the beautiful lawn with a new (to me) border.  The girls were like, "It's been like that for a while, Mom," when I said something about it.  Well, they do see it far more frequently than I since we go from parking into the temple and they go out again and walk around while I, when I go out again, am immediately looking for them.

So... temple time twice this week!  What a joy!  My friend kept thanking me for coming all the way for her.  How could I mind??  I mean, God will work out the gas money and all, I'm sure.... He always does!  And my girls got to see the temple BUSY!!!  THAT made it worth it all by itself!  :)

I'm grateful one of our male rabbits finally did his duty fully with one of our female rabbits.  We may actually have baby rabbits hopping around in 31 days or so!  How exciting!  :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011:  I'm thankful for the blessing of Church and partaking of the sacrament.  I'm grateful for the preparation that went in to the talks given today.  I'm grateful for the quiet time I enjoyed, while my family slept (even Jimmy for a tiny bit of it).  I'm grateful to be alive and to have the family I have!

Monday, October 17, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Susan Powter (added in weights).  Jimmy woke up and Jessie made breakfast while I exercised away.  Not a WONDERFUL workout because, as Kat pointed out by touching my breastbone and coming away with dry fingers, I wasn't dripping sweat.  But I know it was good for me.

I'm struggling with being thankful for the YUCK I felt last night and a little bit today AND the fever Jimmy has.  I'm hopeful that he's getting teeth and that's all it is.  Poor little guy.  He's SO sweet through it.  He's just a little more mellow than normal.  A little more cuddly.  I just don't prefer it when my kiddos are ill!

I'm thankful for the organizing work I was able to do in my home today while JMY slept through some of his fever.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Kathy Smith.  Power Push and the sweat was rolling.  Yeay!  :)

I'm still having a difficult time giving thanks for Jimmy's fever.  I am thankful that I feel significantly better after being a bit under the weather.  I'm also struggling to feel thankful for marital difficulties I/we have.  But I know it is all to a purpose.  Many I can see, and for them I feel much gratitude.  But there is also much sadness and/or mourning....  "And it came to pass" is as true today as when the prophets of the Book of Mormon wrote it.  :)

I'm grateful beyond ability to express for the wonderful visit I enjoyed with a dear friend and her daughters today. It was TIMEly!!! I was rather sad and down when she arrived and felt filled full of acceptance, peace, and even a good bit of happiness by the end of her time here! God is GREAT!!! I'm so thankful that "He is," as Jessie says, "SUCH a GOOD planner!" Praise the Lord for friends in righteousness who call us from our sins! I love you, my sweet friend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011:  I'm thankful for the AWEsome workout I enjoyed this morning working out with Tamilee Webb.  A long time ago, in a faraway land, I recoded some of her workouts onto a VHS cassette.  I found this gem of a video a while back... days or weeks, I'm not sure.  Anyway... I decided to do it even though I couldn't remember anything about it and WOW!  The sweat was pouring off me (workout clothese soaked!) and my muscles were BURNIN!  So... good times!  :)

I'm grateful... okay, really, I'm TRYing to be grateful that I found Tea had a fever as of this morning.  I'm struggling to feel grateful for two fever babies in the house.  I still have a slight one, on top of it all.  I'm functioning just fine, just tiring out fast.  I guess their illness is good for me(?) in that it requires me to do less.  I'm definitely not going to make it to the Relief Society Activity tonight... I was so excited about it!  It's a service project of making cards for our missionaries AND servicemen...  *sigh*  I know Father has a purpose in this Trial.  I know ONE of them is to bring to my awareness how FAR I have to go in developing my Faith so that it swallows all fear.  I'm disappointed in myself to find that fear is STILL such a STRONG default in my mind and heart even after all the Lord has shown me to prove His Faithfulness!

I'm grateful Tea's fever broke today.  Hopefully she'll stay well now.  She's so much more enjoyable as an interactive little girl, rather than the limp mass sleeping on the couch that she was all day today.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Everyone Should Post a Thankful Thursday Every Week

It would benefit you to begin a Thankful day-of-the-week post.  Certainly.  Regardless of whether it's Thursday or not.  But if you join with me and my sister (who started this whole thing)... and anyone else who may join us on Thursday, you'll add your voice/writing to the shining forth of the Light of Christ to that shined out by the others participating.  How much greater a Light can we make by joining together?  I don't know, for sure, but I can tell you about something I learned a few years ago.

I read about a "metaphysical" experiment.  It was proposed that group meditation for Peace on a given day would reduce violent crime by a certain percentage, which would be attributable to the meditiation and not a deviation from the norm/mean... as part of the average.  I cannot remember what the percentage aimed for was, but the peace keepers (police) believed it was unachievable.  As it happens, it was not achieved, but, in fact, surpassed by a great extent (as these things go).  In every way possible.  The group meditation for the purpose of Peace surpassed all hopes and expectations - even of those who were hopeful and expected it to impact the stats.

What does this have to do with anything?  Light is Light, my friend.  Meditation with focused intent is prayer; prayer is a form of purposeful meditation.  Giving THANKS is an integral part of prayer = meditation.  I try to update my Thankful Thursday posts on a daily basis.  This helps me review my day AND ensures that I won't forget something special and/or important that I want to include in my list of things for which I'm thankful.  These moments of writing out my Thanks are little prayers, for sure.  And I feel Lighter and happier when I do them... which also encourages me to desire to do it daily.

So... if each of us is shining forth a little more Light in this way daily (in addition to our regular personal prayers) and then Posting it... and then, hopefully, at least a few others read it and are uplifted and edified... the Light then has grown exponentially even when only one other person reads and feels some small amount of joy.  This is LIGHT!  This is the point!

If we could grow this and lots of people post Thankful Thursdays Posts in their blogs or on their Facebook pages or wherever... we're shining forth a concerted amount of Light each of us, on the same day, repeatedly.  It's got cumulative power... this shining forth of Light; meditation, prayer... it builds.  This is why I keep doing it... to build up the Light in our fallen world... or, maybe... at least, beat back the darkness a tiny bit here and there; week by week.  ^_^  Now, should others join and invite others to join... we'll definitely shine that darkness right out.  Won't you do it?  It'll make you feel SO good!  And this, my friend, is POSITIVE peer pressure!  ;)  hehehehe

Hope to hear you're posting a Thankful Thursday weekly!  I'll definitely read it if you let me know.  I love to rejoice with my Brothers and Sisters!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Are One

Remember how I wrote about how I used to be Ruled by Hatred?  (Wow!  I just read it for the first time... pretty powerful... I think God was writing for me more than I was writing on that one!  ^_^)  And then followed that one up a little bit later with talking about how We Become What We Hate?  I just read that one for the first time since I wrote it and I got a little misty when I forgave myself... and I feel this filled up feeling cause I'm working on forgiving myself every day... cause I do something wrong (at least one thing!) every single day.  I know, I'm so imperfect!  *sigh*  BUT like one of my friend's pointed out, perhaps I should be glad because the imperfection guarantees me a spot here on this planet... sort of.  ;)

So... what's the point in bringing up those posts?  Well, they pointed to something that is true, but which I didn't go into explicitly in detail.  I feel like I have somewhere else, but I may simply have MEANT to do it and didn't get to it.  This has been a problem I'm trying to deal with lately.  My memory has been spotty again.  It's a struggle.  I'm so thankful, though, that Father God gives me little nudges... through Ria, or a friend on Facebook, to remind me of the more important things!  I'm SO grateful for His loving guidance!

Back to the point!  (See!!!  I totally get sidetracked SO easily lately!)

If I become what I hate in someone else... if I used to be a hater and have become a lover... then, more than likely, I'm more like you than either of us realize.  Either I was (so part of me is) or I am currently or will be at some point in the future like you.  I readily acknowledge that if you are striving to any degree to be Christ's, I am not as advanced as you... and, if you know me, you'll know I'm being completely sincere when I say: I'm sure I'm not as good as you at most things, anyway!  I just generally think most people I come into contact with know everything I know.  When they don't know some part of it, I almost always feel surprised... and happy that I can share something!  (I LOVE to teach and share and just feel a little useful... especially to those who are already friends, but ALSO to those who are yet to BE my friends!  ^_^)

So, my point in writing tonight is that I wanted to share something with you.  You probably TOTALLY already know about this thing, but I'm STILL so excited about it that I just want to share it ALL OVER!  So... I'm going to share it in a couple of ways.  First, by name.  Have you heard of the Mandlebrot Set?

If not, read on.  If you have scroll down until you see some REALLY big letters.  :)

The Mandlebrot Set is a mathematical equation which maps/diagrams pictorally the point/skin at which chaos and order meet.  I know... isn't that wiggy!??  Okay... so, my first question was (when I learned about this around a month or so ago... it's been so long, yet NO time at all!), "WHAT would such a pictoral representation look like!??"  But... before you know the picture, you must know what is in the picture and it's implications.

Now... if you aren't really ready for a paradigm shift today, please move along now.  If you're not ready to understand the simple yet profound statements made by Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible (New Testament specifically) and The Book of Mormon... and simple yet profound statements made by others who understood Him... then please do NOT read further.  Because if you're any kind of smart (and I'm sure you are smarter than me), this is going to rock your world.

If you're ready to look at the world differently, then feel free to proceed.  :)

The picture of the MS (Mandlebrot Set) is interesting in itself.  It's pretty.  Neat.  Abstract.  But still cool.

But what you must know as you view it is that the large picture also has along it's outline various sizes of itself.  And each image of itself is perfect and complete in itself.  Each tiny dot of a knob on the picture is a whole MS... it repeats over and over and over....

There's more.... If you "zoom in" on the MS... onto any part of it... and you keep going far enough... you'll eventually find that you'll arrive at a point that looks exactly the same as the original you zoomed in on.  And you can/could do this on any part of the MS.  And you can do this over and over and over... and over again.

Oh... let me not forget one key bit of truth about this MS.  If you go in and change a part of the MS... no matter how small the change... the change you make will be reflected in the WHOLE MANDLEBROT SET!  You change one small thing on the original and the same thing changes in every part that is the same in every part of the whole....  Every little knobby will have the same change in/to it.  The WHOLE thing changes as a result of one change wrought in one spot on the basic MS.  Does this totally blow you're mind?  Are you in awe and amazed?  Do you get it?  If you get it... and you haven't heard this before... you should be rockin at least a little.  Your boat, my friend, is not the same one you entered... or, more acurately, it's the same one, it's just not what you've seen it to be before now!

So, Jesus Christ told us, "Judge not, lest ye be judged; for by what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you again."  Not a perfect quote, I know, but the truth is intact just the same.  This truth is in the MS.  ?Do you see it?  Do you understand??

He also said, "I am in the Father and the Father in me and the Father and I are one."  Do you see the MS proves this?  I truly believe that our Savior was saying this truth about Himself as a lesson for us to understand how this is truth for us also.  Awesome and amazing!!!  God is AWEsome!!!

Ghandi said, "Be the Change you want to see in the World."  This truth is very plainly revealed/pictured in the MS.  Do you see it??  Do you understand how?

Okay.... so, on to the picture.  :)

This one is nice.  It's quite colorful... perhaps too much so, but nice.

THIS one is more perspectives on the MS... in 4D.  Very neat and reveals even more ways the picture is within the picture and beyond!  :)

This last YouTube that I hope you'll watch is a bit tricky.  You'll have to pop on over to it and then skip ahead to the point on the time-line and make it read: 2:20:32 and you'll see a guy with a great curly mohawk.  Now, he's going to go through and share with you the things I've written.  I first learned them from him, actually.  It's valuable to read it and hear it because the brain sometimes takes up to 8 times of hearing/reading/learning something new to truly process it.

I'd like to ask you to avoid the rest of the movie if you are a Christian UNLESS you have the Gift of Discernment, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and you are firm in your Faith.  I ask you to avoid the rest because there is MUCH truth therein, but also MUCH that is untrue.  And if you do not know how the Lord communicates with you, then you may be deceived by the whispers of the evil one's angels.  Also, the philosophies of men are intermingled with truths VERY liberally.  Only if you know God's Word (firm in your Faith) can you truly tell the difference between what the world/men would have you believe and what God has said is true.

So... HERE it is.  The MS picture I first learned of/by/from.

What does any/all of this have to do with the posts I referenced in the beginning?  Do you see it?  Do you understand?  We are one.  What I hate in you is only a revelation of that which I hate in myself.  What I love in you declares to the world what I value and cherish in you AND me.  What I accept in those around me reveals what I accept in me.  What I reject in you, I rejected first in me.  We are little knobbies on the amazingly huge Mandlebrot Set of God.  He is the division between Chaos and Order... He IS order.  Chaos is held at bay by Him.  We are in Him and He is in US!  Yet, though this is completely true, it does not reduce the fact and truth that BOTH God the Father and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bone.  They do.

We are one.

WE are one.

We ARE one.

We are ONE!!!!

Praise God, we are one!

then you probably don't really need to read any of this post.  Go ahead and continue your reading/reseraching/surfing and know that I'm SO glad you already know and I hope you'll find some ways to share the info and hopefully bring on the 100th monkey!  ;)  ^_^

Signed Lovingly,
Your Sister in Christ,

If you'd like to read a blog that could possibly help you make some changes... and which inspired me to write about how we are ONE... CHECK IT OUT!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Gift of Giving Life

I'm going to be published.  ^_^  Pretty neat, right?  Yes.  Published in an actual book: cover with pages.  ^_^  The part of the book that will be me is my story of Post-Partum Depression after children and how it has decreased each time.  Regardless of WHAT it is, I'll be published.  Pretty sweet, right?  I can just hear you asking if I'm being paid.  Nope.  No payment.... except that the payoff will be, for me, that I know others who suffer from PPD might feel hope as a result of knowing my story!  ALL things are possible in and through Christ Jesus!!!

Do you see the linky picture thing to the right?  The pretty pink one.  Yep.  That's it.  That's the book my story may be printed in.  If not there, then on the website.  I'm hoping to get a copy for myself whether I'm IN the book or not.  It's a lovely effort and to a good purpose.  I simply don't have the funds available right now.  Jess and I have prioritized our budget and "extra" expenditures (preparedness supplies).  So, there's really no wiggle room for now.  If someone would like to get it for me, that would be quite okay with me! ^_^

The blog for the book is WONDERFUL.  I've felt awed and inspired by it (the Author!!) more than once.  I highly recommend reading the blog AND buying the book!  If you feel so inclined, I'd love for you to share via comment that I recommended you to them.  :)  I'll get nothing in particular for the recommendation, but I'd like them to know I actually DID!  ^_^  That I did recommend them, I mean.

You could also check out the website.  I believe you should be able to purchase the book there!  ;)

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